What's Inside

WE KICK OFF features this month with a look at wildfires in Marin. Writer Peter Fish explores why in California fires are burning bigger and more destructively than ever. Marin has been struck twice, once in 1929 and again in 1995. Fish finds out how fire officials are coordinating efforts to be better prepared for the next one.

Next up, Melanie Haiken asks, now that recreational marijuana is legal in California, what does that mean for Marin? She learns that the answer is complicated and might be different depending on where you live. And now that the White House has signaled a possible change in the “leave it to the states” policy, the answer becomes even more interesting.

Also, since April brings the beginning of home renovation season, we present two stories to help motivate you to tackle that big project. First, we look at legendary architect Bernard Maybeck’s work in Marin — he designed three magnificent houses here, as well as the Outdoor Art Club in Mill Valley. Then we visit a Mill Valley home, built in the 1990s, that has had a stunning midcentury makeover.

Up front we’ve got a list of local Easter egg hunts and we call out some tasty local brews perfect for this month’s National Beer Day. We also introduce you to a spirited youth leader at the Marine Mammal Center and a local author who took a break from creating TV shows like Prison Break to finally write his first published novel. And we check in with Matt Willis, Marin’s innovative public health officer.

In Destinations, we invite you to explore Scottsdale and Portland and suggest some fun things to do in the wine country. And for a bit more adventure, Jim Wood introduces readers to wide range of activities that make Ecuador an attractive country to visit.

It’s a fun issue and a great read to get you inspired for a nice (hopefully) rain-free spring. Enjoy the articles, then grab that hammer and power drill — we’ve got work to do.


The Great Mill Valley Fire of 1929 put up a cloud of smoke so big it could be seen from Sausalito. The fire started at the Ralston White mansion and burned from July 2 to July 5, consuming more than 100 Mill Valley homes. Read about current wildfire dangers and what officials are doing to be ready for future conflagrations on page 52.