5 Things to Keep You Sane During Coronavirus Shelter-in-Place This Week

6 Great Recipes from Local Chefs

We can’t have parties, and most of us are not chefs, but that doesn’t mean party recipes have to go to waste. We’ve selected some local favorites for you to recreate — they include simple adaptations for the home cook, including do-ahead tips, easy shortcuts and local sources for unique ingredients. Make one, make several, make the whole menu.

Wine Microbiology

Winemaker Igor Sill explores the wonders of wild yeast and how it is so important for making wine. Sill precision farms a sustainable eco-friendly volcanic mountain vineyard on Napa’s Atlas Peak Mountain, Sill Family Vineyards. He’s a passionate wine lover, winemaker, writer, and a member of the Court of Master Sommeliers.

Book Passage Conversations with Authors: Téa Obreht

Téa Obreht’s new novel, Inland: A Novel, is an imaginatively mythic journey across the American West that was named one of the best books of the 2019 by publications including Time, The Washington Post, Entertainment Weekly, Esquire, Kirkus Reviews, Library Journal  and BookPage. Her first novel, The Tiger’s Wife, was a finalist for the National Book Award and winner of the 2011 Orange Prize for Fiction. An international bestseller, it has sold over a million copies worldwide, with rights sold in 37 countries. 

7 Gardening Tips to Grow Better

While the activity of gardening is all about the journey — a series of discoveries mixed with frustrating struggles — most gardeners wouldn’t mind a little guidance on how to prevent disappointments and the wasted time, water or money involved. Here are ways to sidestep pitfalls and see more success.

Anahatasana (Yoga Pose)

The goal of this pose is to open the heart center or Anahata Chakra (Aw-na-haw-ta Shaw-cra), but it also fights the rounding of our upper back and shoulders. As you breathe into this pose, you will soften around the heart. It also opens the shoulders and it is a lovely modification to Downward Facing Dog, one of the most common poses in a yoga practice. It is an especially great variation for individuals with wrist issues since there is no pressure on the wrist.

How to Help

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