Stories From Mill Valley Living

We’ve partnered with local publication Mill Valley Living to bring you a few of their best stories from the community.

From Olympic Gold to Solid Ground: At Home in Mill Valley With Basketball Champion Jennifer Lynn Azzi

The Olympic Gold Medalist in Women’s Basketball shares her story and her family life.

Inspiring Kids With Sports: Paul Austin of Play Marin

See how Play Marin is bringing together the community by providing youth with opportunities to learn and grow together through sports.

Going Green: How Local Environmental Hero, Judi Shills, Came to Found the Organization Turning Green

Today, her organization boasts an impressive slate of education and advocacy initiatives with a presence at school communities throughout the world.

Meet Joshua Deitch: Chiropractor-Turned-Real Estate Agent With a Passion for Mill Valley

This local real estate agent has built his life around the local community.

Sara Wasserman’s Journey to Haiti: A Rock-and-Roll Daughter Gives Back With Music

How children and music inspired her to found Music Heals International.

Restoring Health and Wellness and With Functional Medicine

Covid-19 has pushed wellness from a luxurious indulgence to a must-have.

How Mill Valley Native and Eco-Warrior Rebecca Wunderlich is Making an Impact With her Zero Waste Classroom

Teaching sustainability by keeping her classroom plastic-free.

Dream Weaver: Mill Valley Designer Rebecca Bruce on the Power of Fashion

The story behind her daring, eclectic, bold, leading-edge designs.

Community Heroes on Alert: Acknowledging The Brave Firefighters of Mill Valley

An interview with Southern Marin Fire District’s Battalion Chief Matt Barnes.

Meet the Hagars: A Rock n’ Roll Couple Who Give Back

Longtime Mill Valley resident, Sammy Hagar, an international rock star with a very big heart shares his story in the music industry.

How Mt. Tam Inspired Randy Hetrick to Create his Total Body Resistance Exercise System, TRX

Navy Seal-turned-business mogul Randy Hetrick tells his story of his to create his successful fitness program and brand.

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