“Thought you would like hearing about the response we got already from our October Look promotion… After a long day, working in our new Cashmere Sale pop up space at Strawberry Village, Patti and I walk out to end our day.  A very nice woman, asks, “are you open,” to which I reply, “we are prepping, I explain we are getting ready. We will open mid October. She says, I read about your “sale” in Marin Magazine!!! I was happy to hear!!” —Pam Ferroggiaro, The Cashmere Sale

“We made a pretty significant ad spend with Marin Magazine to promote our club, and our one year anniversary party and membership special. We have seen an immediate full return on investment and then some. It was a very effective tool to help us drive prospects to the club and continue building our brand.” —Scott Raymond, Co-Founder, Club Evexia

Marin Magazine has been a valued media partner of Lifehouse for several years. They offer an exceptional platform comprised of both print and digital media to promote our annual fundraising event. In addition, they share our mission to ensure people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) are accepted and have a place in our community. With the outstanding visibility of the Marin Magazine network and readership we are able to connect with new donors and individuals who support our services that we provide to people with I/DD throughout the Bay Area.” —Nancy Dow Moody, President & CEO at Lifehouse Agency

“Our experience working with Marin Magazine has been fantastic. We noticed a significant increase in our website traffic immediately upon running our first advertisement with them. Their creative team made things quick and easy by assisting with our ad design. We’ve experienced great value from our work together.” —Steve Crane, Morley Fredericks Real Estate Services

“The goal of our ad campaign was to gain awareness of the need for foster families and support for the foster care community in Marin. We are always lacking available foster homes in Marin and 40% of our foster kids are being placed out of our county. We have already seen a significant increase in families interested in becoming resource (foster) families, volunteers, website traffic, and social media following thanks to the help of Marin Magazine!” —Lena Strickling, Marin Foster Care

“At San Domenico, we collaborate with Marin Magazine across various advertising channels to reach our target audience, and the results have seen our school attracting record numbers of applicants, with waiting lists in Grades K-12. The staff is responsive and great to work with, and the program outcomes are measurably successful.” —Kirstie A. Martinelli, Assistant Director, Marketing and Communications, San Domenico School

Marin Magazine has been a trusted media partner for Town Center for many years.  Their advertising team listens, offers creative solutions and always delivers.” —Monty Stephens, General Manager, Town Center Corte Madera

Marin Magazine’s support of the 43rd Mill Valley Film Festival helped engage our donors, members, and audience like never before through their innovative social media match promotion, creating the momentum for our nonprofit to increase its donors 3-fold by the end of the year!” —Beau Blanchard, Corporate Development Manager,  California Film Institute & Mill Valley Film Festival

“Partnering with Marin Magazine for print advertising has allowed me to showcase my brand in an elegant way to my clientele in both Marin and San Francisco. The increased visibility I’ve gained from their circulation has been essential to growing my customer list.” — J’Amy Tarr

“The last year has shown us the value of immediacy. The ability to deliver a timely message, in a flexible format to a targeted audience. Quickly. When MCF needs to inform, collaborate, or inspire action, Marin Magazine‘s EBlasts and Better Letters deliver every time.” —Vikki Garrod, Chief Communications Officer, Marin Community Foundation

Marin Magazine did an absolutely phenomenal job of providing our Green River Sustainable, Low-Carbon Investing company a platform from which we were able to deliver a very successful webinar about Sustainable Investing. They absolutely exceeded our expectations, and this was particularly valuable during the challenging times we’ve all had to navigate in 2020!” —J. Patrick Costello, CFP®, Founder of Green River Sustainable Investing, San Anselmo

“We have people come into our design showroom with Marin Magazine in their hand open to a picture of one of our kitchens or bathrooms or work we’ve done and that’s what brings them here!!! I have had nothing but positive experiences with Marin Magazine. It has increased our customer base and our reputation.”  —Martha Bodell, North Coast Tile

“Many clients tell me they saw me in Marin Magazine. They never say I saw your ad in Marin Magazine. The quality of the paper and the placement of the ads makes them seem special.” —Sandra Bird

“We have been working with Marin Magazine for over 12 years now, which has made a significant difference to our business. We consistently receive frame requests & compliments from our ads which is always exciting!” –Penna Omega, Rims & Goggles 

“Advertising in Marin Magazine over the past few years has been an effective print vehicle for the center and our merchants. Augmenting our print campaign with sponsored digital promotions around events, added to the success of our efforts. Plus, the MM team is always a pleasure to work with!” —Audrey  Shapiro, Marketing Director, Bon Air, Greenbrae

“For Sofia Jewelry, advertising in Marin Magazine fits our high-end, yet approachable brand. We constantly have people walking in with our ads ready to purchase what they saw in print and online. It is worth the investment in your company and advertising.” —Sophie Priolo, Sofia Jewelry

“Because we specialize in luxury custom cabinetry and high-end appliances, Marin Magazine is a natural fit for Lamperti Contracting & Design. Our long-term partnership with the publication has continued to enhance our business by bringing great visibility to what we do best – high-end kitchen and bath renovations. Our community is important to us and Marin Magazine understands who our clients are and what they value.”

“Our relationship with Marin Magazine has fast-tracked our visibility in the North bay. Furthermore, our presence in the publication affirms Lamperti Contracting & Design as the premier design/build firm in Marin County. Because we specialize in luxury custom cabinetry and high-end appliances it’s important that we align our business with a partner who understands what luxury and quality mean.”

“Partnering with Marin Magazine has created tremendous value and visibility for our business over the years. As the single best resource for the North Bay and Marin communities — it’s a natural fit for Lampert Contracting & Design to position itself with the region’s best digital/print publication. It’s important to us that we align our reputation and business with a team that understands community, luxury and quality.”

Marin Magazine is a natural fit for Lamperti Contracting & Design because it’s the single best resource for reaching an audience that appreciates luxury and quality. Our long-term partnership with the publication has continued to enhance our business by bringing great visibility to what we do best – high-end kitchen and bath renovations. Clients tell us they chose Lamperti Contracting & Design because they love our online/print ads but more importantly the local community connection. Marin Magazine understands who our clients are and what they value.”

—Jennifer “JB” Kelly, VP, Sales and Marketing, Lamperti Contracting & Design

Marin Magazine has been an invaluable asset to Nice Guys Delivery’s marketing for the past 4 years . Through the Marin Magazine, Nice Guys Delivery is able to connect with their local community on a completely elevated level. I remember receiving Marin Magazine before we advertised in the magazine and just being so incredibly impressed with their layouts, photography and editorial. We are honored to be a part of the Marin Magazine family and know that our relationship will continue flourish into the future.” —Monica Gray, COO Nice Guys Delivery

“We ran a very successful campaign for House of Saka with Marin Magazine. The aesthetics of the magazine as well as the readership are very much aligned with the House of Saka brand, so the pairing (so to speak) was perfect. We hope to return time and again.” —Shirin Etessam, Founder & Content Chief, Slay Agency

“The promotion of our fundraiser helped us raise needed funds for our Pet Safety Net, which provides free pet food, veterinary care, and more for the pets of struggling people.” —Lisa Bloch, Marin Humane