Home Resources Guide

Looking to redo your home but not sure where to start? Here we have it all — inspirational remodels to give you ideas for home improvement, design suggestions, plus where to turn for remodeling resources.

For even more ideas, check out these home resources guide highlights for suggestions from our partners.

Best Electrician in Marin

Here is our guide to best electricians in Marin. 

Best Handyman & Plumber in Marin

Our guide to where to find Marin’s best handyman and plumber.

Best Architect in Marin

Our guide to where to find Marin’s best architect.

Best Solar Service in Marin

Here are our favorite solar services in Marin County

Our 2023 Guide to Home Renovation Providers in and around Marin

If you’re looking to spruce up your home this spring, these local businesses can help supply whatever you need for projects big and small.

Tile and Stone Resources in Marin

Find the best places to get beautiful and unique tiles to improve your home.

Building Contractors Resources in Marin

Need builders you can count on? Here’s a list of local contractors to help with any project.

Audiovisual Resources in Marin

Sound is an important part of any space. Here are a few local experts to contact.

Architectural Resources in Marin

Discover creative and talented local architects to help inspire your dream home remodel.

Home Solar Resources in Marin

Solar energy has so many benefits — do your part to help the environment and contact one of these local solar businesses.

Swimming Pool and Spa Resources in Marin

A swimming pool is a big investment — same goes with a Jacuzzi. Here’s who to contact if you’re ready to take the plunge.

Window and Door Resources in Marin

Let in the light and keep out the cold or heat with these window and door suppliers.

Home Roofing Resources in Marin

A good roof will protect your home from the elements and maintain your home’s value — whether you need inspections, repairs or just gutter cleaning, contact one of these local specialists.

Home Plumbing Resources in Marin

Keep your home’s plumbing running smoothly with these local companies, and in case thing do go wrong, these are the people you call for help!

Home Painting Resources in Marin

Keep your home looking its best whether its with a touch up or a new paint job. Here’s where to find local home painters.

Landscaping Resources in Marin

Keep your flowers blooming and your greenery lush with these local landscapers.

Home Furnishing Resources in Marin

Furniture is the centerpiece of your home — here’s a few places to find some beautiful pieces.

Kitchen Renovation and Design Resources in Marin

Looking to get a shiny new kitchen where you can whip up your best dishes? Here’s a few top places to get your kitchen redone.

Home Flooring Resources in Marin

Whether you’re after an amazing selection of carpets or wood flooring find what you’re looking for at Marin’s local businesses.

Fireplace Resources in Marin

Where would you be in winter without a cozy fireplace? If you don’t have one, here’s the places to look to get your home outfitted with a crackling fire.