Pet Pals: Highlighting our Partner’s Pet Companions

Cheers to the Fidos, Bookers, Lolas, Caspers and the legions of our fur or feathered companions who make us our best humans. Whether they lead up our marketing or sales departments or simply just get us outside for some perspective as we walk around the block. The next few pages we salute the pets of Marin!

Bentley, Rusty, Drake and Magnolia

Dogs Of Dotto

Pet Profiles 2024, Dotto Co.

Dotto Co.’s vibrant world blends innovation and collaboration within a dedicated team, supported by office dogs. Meet Drake, Rusty, Bentley, and Magnolia, aiming to boost morale and create a harmonious work environment— this quartet transforms our workplace into a haven of joy. Step into our offices and you’ll be greeted by an enthusiastic wagging tail brigade. Dominic’s faithful Drake, the chocolate Labrador, and the whimsical Rusty, a Pomeranian, bring their unique charm. Kris’ side boasts the golden Bentley, a Yellow Lab, and the elegant, playful Magnolia, a Silver Lab/Dobermann mix.

Amid deadlines and stress, our canine crew serves as stress-busters, offering unconditional love and companionship when needed. The Dotto Dogs stand by our side, turning challenging days into delightful ones. Beyond stress relief, their presence uplifts moods, boosts morale, and offers a valid excuse for a refreshing breath of fresh air—a win-win for both humans and their furry companions. Notably, our delivery drivers have formed a unique bond with the Dotto Dogs, highlighting positive relationships nurtured in our pet-friendly environment.

In the heart of Dotto Co., these dogs transcend being mere pets, becoming integral team members who redefine workplace dynamics, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. The next time you step into our offices, embrace the magic of our furry colleagues—the genuine architects of a pawsitively delightful workspace.

68 Mitchell Blvd, Suite 105, San Rafael, CA 415.785.8703

AlphaDog Lodging

Service Dog Training

Pet Profiles 2024, AlphaDog Lodging

Alpha Dog Lodging Marin’s premier boarding, daycare and training facility is excited to introduce a unique new service – AlphaDog Assist (ADA).

Through ADA AlphaDog can now offer you the opportunity to unleash your dog’s superpowers. With our training your pet can learn to assist you with:

+ anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD

+ balance or fall recovery

+ performing physical tasks

+ alerting you to cardiac changes such as high or low blood pressure or blood sugar levels

+ alerts of oncoming migraines prior to onset

Led by Sierra Berrick and her ADA team AlphaDog is radically improving the lives of clients and their dogs through out the Bay Area.

If this sounds like something that could make your life better we would love to tell you more about ADA as well as our Best in Class Training, Daycare and Boarding Programs.

Contact us today.

230 Shoreline Hwy, Mill Valley, CA | 415.383.2111 | [email protected]

A Special Kind of Treasure

Alix & Co Fine Jewelry

Pet Profiles 2024, Alix & Co Fine Jewelry

Alix and Co Fine Jewelry has been offering unique custom jewelry in downtown Mill Valley for many years. Along with their brilliantly beautiful jewels, they have two shop dogs–Eloise & Pippa–for comic relief! Stroll into the shop and their furry friends will assist you in choosing an exquisite piece of fine jewelry that you will treasure for a lifetime.

18 East Blithedale Avenue, #12, Mill Valley, CA | 415.380.0880

Pawsitively Healing

Guiding Hearts to Brighter Days

Pet Profiles 2024, Gilead House

Caylus who is 2 ½ years old works at Gilead House. He’s been here almost his entire life. He was adopted at 6 weeks old from a local shelter and he’s an emotional support animal. He is crucial in a family shelter because he provides therapeutic benefits including emotional comfort, stress reduction, companionship and love. Families that experience the challenges of homelessness and displacement have stress levels that are off the charts. The presence of an emotional support animal contributes significantly to their mental and emotional well-being, offering a source of stability and support during some of the most difficult times of their lives.

The moment kids return to Gilead House from school, Caylus is at the door meeting them. Young Bertine is now a fan of homework with his dear friend, Caylus. If you would like to help Caylus to continue helping Gilead House, please visit the website at All gifts and donations are accepted and go to help the families Gilead House supports along with Caylus.

1024 7th Street, Novato, CA | 415.895.5575

Leigh and Casper

City Carpets: Family Owned, Pet Approved

Pet Profiles 2024, Leigh Bakhtiari

Leigh Bakhtiari, proud owner and animal advocate, found her perfect companion at the Milo Foundation. City Carpets understands the unique bond between pet owners and their furry friends, offering a range of pet-friendly carpet and hardwood flooring options. Transform your home into a haven for both style and four-legged joy with our durable and stylish solutions.

555 E. Francisco Blvd, San Rafael, CA | 415.454.4200