Best of the County

If you have to shelter-in-place anywhere on the planet, Marin County is a pretty great spot. This year for our Best of the County feature, we went back two years to check in on your previous awardees and see how they are faring during the pandemic. We also reached out to a few local experts to help us select the Best of the Best for 2020. While we tried to stick with popular favorites, you’ll notice we aimed for businesses and categories you can enjoy now. Outdoor dining, cocktails to go, zoom fitness classes and of course we paid extra attention to the outdoors. Thank you for reading and if you agree with our picks, please tag us at #MarinBOC2020 or drop us a line.

Previous Best of the County Winners Share Their Thoughts on Business During Covid-19

Checking in with the county’s business owners to see how they have been coping with the challenges of 2020.

The Best Ways to Entertain Yourself in Marin During Covid-19

Faced with no alternative, now is the time to think outside the box — even if that sometimes means staring at a laptop.

The Best Cocktails to Get To-Go

Just because you can’t go on a night out doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the intoxicating cocktails whipped up by Marin’s best mixologists.

Marin’s Best Places for Outdoor Drinks

Support local businesses with a safe, distanced drink at one of Marin’s great outdoor drinking destinations.

Best Pre-Pandemic Product: 2019 Marin Water Rosé

All about a uniquely Marin beverage.

Marin’s Best Outdoor Family Recreation

The top spots in Marin County for outdoor family fun.

The Best Camp Alternatives This Summer

With no chance of sending the kids to camp this summer, Donna Glass shares the best alternatives in Marin County.

Where to Play in Marin: The Best Places to Explore, Youth Sports Groups and Playgrounds

Paul Austin, founder of PlayMarin, shares tips on top spots to play and explore in the county.

Marin’s Best Streaming Workouts

Plenty of instructors and studios throughout Marin started streaming to satiate those of us who crave fitness.

Marin County’s Best Burgers

With the county’s plethora of excellent burgers, we’ve done some research to save you some time.

Best Family Outdoor Dining Spots

Long-time contributor and supermom Donna Glass shares the top spots in Marin County for outdoor family dining.

The Best International Restaurant Meals to Pair With the Rafael@Home Virtual Cinema

Dine & Stream with the California Film Institute and our wonderful restaurant partners

The Top Tacos in Marin County

These restaurants have not just good tacos but tacos that you just cannot stop eating!

Top Vegan Foods in Marin County

Marin County is a good place to be vegan, and here are few of our top plant-based meals. 

Best New Food Spots in Marin County

From sandwiches to doughnuts these are the best things we think have happened to the Marin food scene in 2020!

Top Outdoor Dining Options in Marin

Not only do these establishments have ‘dining al fresco’ dialed in during Covid times, but they have also shown that they will go above and beyond to keep their customers as safe as possible. 

Marin’s Best Hiking Loops

Here are the best places throughout Marin County where you can easily park and hit the trails.

The Best Cannabis Cocktails to Enjoy This Summer

2020 Best of the County’s newest sips.

The Top Local Wellness Foods and Treatments in Marin

The founder of Navitas Organics, shares recommendations for best healthy snacks and wellness treatments in the county.

The Best Online Guided Meditations

Marin Magazine’s 2020 Best of the County winners.

Marin’s Best Drinks, Delivered

While there are plenty of practical pandemic reasons not to go out, no matter what the circumstances, having the county’s best drinks delivered to you never seems like a bad idea.

The Best Products for At-Home Beauty Routines: Natural Skincare Products and Home Hair Dye Kits

Of course Marin County is going to have a plethora of everything “free” and “safe” beauty products. There are also local salons providing hair dye kits for at-home coloring.