The Best Educational Nonprofits in Marin

Schools need funding and kids need more help than they can get in the average classroom, but Marin educational programs are on the case and ready to provide assistance. The 2023 readers’ choice Best of the County winner is Slide Ranch (pictured above). For the rest of the Marin Magazine‘s Best of Marin County Educational Nonprofit picks see below.

Our 2023 Philanthropy category sponsor is Chambers + Chambers.

We’ve broken it down by region: Southern, Central, and Northern Marin.

Southern | Central | Northern

Southern Marin

Bridge the Gap


For college prep, look no further than Bridge the Gap. They focus on SAT, ACT and similar exams, as well as writing application essays to make sure you stand out when applying for universities.

2330 Marinship Way, Suite 302, Sausalito

Slide Ranch

Muir Beach

The natural environment of the Bay Area is truly beautiful and transformative, and Slide Ranch aims to provide as many opportunities to learn about the coast as possible. They partner with various community organizations and educators to encourage students to come outside and explore.

2025 Shoreline Hwy, Muir Beach, 415.381.6155

Central Marin

10,000 Degrees

San Rafael

Many students who come from low-income households have a difficult time getting into college, oftentimes simply because of application fees. 10,000 Degrees provides equity-focused scholarships that support thousands of students across the Bay Area, and believes in every student each step of the way.

1401 Los Gamos Dr, Suite 205, San Rafael, 415.459.4240

Enriching Lives Through Music

San Rafael

Enriching Lives Through Music believes that each child should have the opportunity to explore their passion for music. They provide tuition-free programs to enable students from any economic background to get an education in the arts.

2955 Kerner Blvd, Suite B, San Rafael, 415.870.9053

Marin CASA

San Rafael

Each child needs their own advocate. Marin CASA is here to assign a volunteer to every child that is faced with the unfortunate challenge of dealing with foster care or the court system, someone who forms a bond with that child and can stand up for their best interests.

1401 Los Gamos Dr STE 130, San Rafael, 415.785.3862

Marin Girls Chorus

San Rafael

Marin Girls Chorus provides multiple levels of education and coaching for young girls who love to sing. With their scholarship programs and lack of gatekeeping, there’s no reason not to sign up for a free introductory lesson and see if it’s what your daughter needs.


Parent Services Project

San Rafael

Instead of focusing solely on the child, the Parent Services Project aims to address the entire family, building up the strengths and skills of the parent. They promote family literacy, support parent engagement in schools, and encourage participation in their child’s education.

79 Belvedere St #101, San Rafael, 415.454.1870


San Rafael

SchoolsRule-Marin is here to make sure that all public school students have access to the same high quality programs, no matter which zip code they happen to live in. They fund public schools across the county to help even out the playing field.

1111 Las Gallinas Ave, San Rafael, 415.491.6680

Northern Marin

RISE Scholars


RISE Scholars is focused on lifting up students at Hamilton School, trying to address the lack of opportunities and underfunding that Hamilton struggles with. Their goal is to build a strong foundation to make sure these K-8 students can go on to higher education with wind in their sails.


Chambers + Chambers Architects: 2023 Best of the County Philanthropy

Focused primarily on custom residential and interior design services, Chambers + Chambers is a boutique architectural practice in Mill Valley. Understated elegance, richness in color and texture and classical detailing are signature elements of Barbara Chamber’s award-winning designs.

What got you interested in philanthropy?
Giving is an expression of spiritual gratitude that makes the world a better place for everyone. I have a huge soft spot in my heart for children and so I’m compelled to give to those organizations.
Do you have a favorite charity?
Tribe Rising India is working to lift the Santal tribe out of abject poverty through education. By building the first-ever high school dedicated to Santals, they are overcoming caste prejudice and creating generational change. 
Why is it important for someone to give?
I believe our gifts are meant to be shared. When we do, we change individual lives and also impact our world.