Cities & Towns

Want to visit Marin but not sure where to go? Here you can find guides to the county’s cities and towns, plus all the stories that can help you get a better understanding of what each of our county’s communities are about.

Marin’s Cities & Towns: San Rafael

There are plenty of reasons to love Marin’s county seat.

The History of the Pagoda House: The Story of One of Belvedere’s Oldest and Most Unique Homes

A nostalgic look at a relative’s house inspires a journey into the history of the town and its architecture.

How Did the San Geronimo Valley Get Its Name? A Mystery Rooted in the Troubled History of Spanish Missions and the Coast Miwok

Historians have been trying to answer this seemingly straightforward question for decades.

A Love Letter to Belvedere: A Nostalgic Journey Into an Idyllic Childhood

Journalist, illustrator, painter, consultant and photojournalist Paige Peterson recounts growing up in Belvedere in the 60s.

San Anselmo’s Architectural Marvel

In existence since 1892, the San Francisco Theological Seminary is finding new ways to stay relevant.

On the Waterfront: The History of Sausalito

Picture-perfect Sausalito has a uniquely colorful history.

Tiburon Tidbits

7 facts you never knew about the history of Tiburon.

The Real Blackie of Tiburon

A history of the horse that spent 28 years on the Tiburon pasture that now bears his name.

10 Fun Fact about Muir Woods You Probably Don’t Know

Any one of the approximately 1.2 million people who set foot here every year can agree: there’s a magical quality to Muir Woods.