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Some cities are synonymous with a particular feature or industry, but Novato is no one-trick pony. You can find a thriving biotech biz here as well as the headquarters for that ugly duckling turned fashion must-have, Birkenstocks. This multifaceted city perched at the top of the county map houses the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art at historic Hamilton Air Force Base and the world-renowned Buck Institute for Research on Aging; and, it boasts 10 open-space preserves. Novato is also privy to some of Marin’s most consistently fair weather, making it a prime spot to enjoy urban assets plus all that open space.

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How Marin Humane Helps Animals Across the County

With programs to help provide for pets and people in need, the organization helps all living beings thrive.

Meet the Baker: Catherine Brennan of Flour Chylde Bakery in Novato

Flour Chylde Bakery have been baking and promoting the benefits of a gluten-free lifestyle since 2002.

Art Meets Literature in Novato School Reading Garden

A look at Lu Sutton Elementary’s lively reading garden, where a vibrant mural of favorite story characters, Marin landscapes and unexpected surprises awaits.

Cooking with Citrus at Novato’s Beso Bistro

Novato’s Beso Bistro gives insight into their delicious menu and cooking skills

Bill Palmini of Novato

Our community is richer because of men like Bill Palmini, who claims to have helped hundreds of kids stay off of drugs and pass on underage drinking.

Homes in Novato

A Family Updates Their New Novato Abode for a Modern, Work-From-Home Lifestyle

After making a pandemic move, a family of four updates their new abode in Novato for a modern, work-from-home lifestyle.

An Updated 1960s Ranch-Style Home in Novato Embraces Open Spaces and Natural Elements

A major renovation was needed to make this a serene home perfect for a couple’s retirement lifestyle.

Marin Home Remodel Requires a Little Bit of Roughing It

A Novato home that needs just about everything replaced is worth the effort in the end.


History of the Renaissance Pleasure Faire

Bringing Elizabethan culture and folkways to the modern age.

The Origin of the Name: Novato

The story behind the name.

Second Feature

After 45 years of silence, there are signs of life at the Novato Theater.