Summer Camps

It’s that time of year again, when parents are scrambling to send their kids to the right summer camp. With so many to choose from, finding what’s right for your child can be daunting.

A good place to start is with our summer camps guide, featuring a comprehensive list of Northern California camps to consider:

Summer Camps for the Arts: Film, Music, Theater and More

Got a creative type? Send them away to camp to do everything they are most passionate about, whether you have a budding Matisse or a Shakespeare on your hands.

Language-Focused Summer Camps

Looking to have your little ones more learned in the languages of the world, or just want to ensure they are very good at your own? Look no further.

Summer Camps for Learning Life Skills: Cooking and More

These camps cover the life skills they won’t learn in school.

Summer Camps: On the Go

Ways that kids can camp and adventure at the same time.

Summer Camps for Learning About the Outdoors

These camps focus on the heart of camping – enjoying the great outdoors and learning about the environment as well.

Summer Camps for Science and Technology

Is your kid a tech wiz or science enthusiast? Here are some camps focused on developing skills and exploring their passions.

Summer Camps for Sports

Got an athletic child or hoping to make them more so? Marin and the Bay Area have ample opportunities for kids who want to be active at camp.

Specialty Summer Camps

Whether you’re looking for camps that are more inclusive, ones that cater to unique needs or care for younger children, these camps can help out.