Tips for Students: How to Inspire Your Child to Love Learning

A love for learning is one of the greatest gifts you can offer your child. We asked four students who have been helped by Marin educational nonprofits for advice on how to embrace school and pave a path toward college readiness. 

Student: Noah Haynesworth

Program: Bridge the Gap

Noah Haynesworth, Bridge the Gap, Student Tips
Photo Courtesy of Noah Haynesworth

About Noah:

Recent UC Davis graduate Noah Haynesworth received after-school academic support from Bridge the Gap while attending Tam High. 

His advice:

“Having a supporting cast within your academic journey is crucial in every endeavor. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and guiding us students is no different! At Bridge the Gap, you can find that tutor, teacher assistance, classmate, friend to make your academic life that much easier.”

Student: Natalie Nong

Program: Bridge the Gap

Natalie Nong, Bridge the Gap, Student Tips
Photo Courtesy of Natalie Nong

About Natalie:

BTG programs also provided San Jose State University student Natalie Nong with educational support, college application and scholarship guidance, and the inspiration to pursue animation.

Her advice:

“Learning is all about exploring and I think it is important to encourage children to explore passions on their own. Invest your time wisely: join clubs or sports that you like, participate in extracurriculars that really interest you, and talk to other people that are more knowledgeable in things you’re passionate about.”

Student: Hanan Jejo

Program: 10,000 Degrees

Hanan Jejo, 10,000 Degrees, Student Tips
Photo Courtesy of Hanan Jejo

About Hanan:

College of Marin (COM) student Hanan Jejo received college prep and scholarship support from 10,000 Degrees, as well as continued mentorship while at COM. 

Her advice:

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t pressure the student. Try to understand what kind of major will fit the student; don’t just say be a lawyer or be a doctor. Let the kids decide what they want to do and try to be there to guide them. Children in every major will be successful if they are focused on it and interested.”

Student: Malachia Hoover

Program: The Hannah Project

Malachia Hoover, The Hannah Project, Student Tips
Photo Courtesy of Malachia Hoover

About Malachia:

It was through the Hannah Project’s college tour that Malachia Hoover was inspired to attend California State University, Northridge, where she received two degrees before starting her PhD candidacy at Stanford. 

Her advice:

“As a child, my mother always told me I was going to be a doctor and she always supported my desire for learning. These words became manifested in my psyche and gave me the inner confidence I needed to excel in school. Now as a mother myself, I will instill these positive affirmations into my children daily and try to make learning fun to them by performing activities like DIY science projects.”