MCF’s Imprint: Leave Your Mark With an Estate Plan

imprint marin community foundation

Opening a fund at MCF is more than transferring assets. It’s a declaration of trust. Nowhere is that more apparent than when you want to create a philanthropic legacy through your estate.  

If giving has been an important part of your life, you want to ensure it is treated with the same importance when you’re not here to manage it. We understand that. Which is why we have designed Imprint.  

Imprint is MCF’s custom legacy program. It allows you to specify your precise wishes for your giving and have confidence that they will be fulfilled exactly as you intended. 

  • Open the fund with a variety of assets. We can partner with you and your estate planner to identify the best approach for contributing to your fund.  
  • Commit one million dollars or greater and receive the expertise of a seasoned philanthropic advisor to assist in designing your grantmaking strategy. MCF offers a robust selection of giving vehicles to suit your needs.  
  • Easily amend your fund at no cost. In fact, with Imprint there are no start-up costs, no attorney fees and no fund fees until your passing.  
  • Enjoy the efficient administration oversight of a foundation with 30 years of experience in legacy planning.  
  • Know that MCF will be a diligent steward of your fund. If an organization ceases operation,  changes its mission, accomplishes its goal, or undergoes any significant change, MCF will respond to ensure the intent of your giving is honored.  

Imprint is designed to be simple and streamlined, yet comprehensive. We want this to be something you feel good about. Trust us to help you leave your mark.