The Ultimate Guide to Cocktails in Marin During the Coronavirus

You’re stuck at home, the beer and wine have run out and the next shopping trip is days away. Before panic sets in you turn your eyes toward your liquor cabinet. Is a delicious cocktail hiding in there somewhere? Bartender, Marin IJ “Barfly” columnist and author of Twenty Years Behind Bars, Jeff Burkhart, thinks so. “I have done a couple of cocktail webinars since this all started with more coming up,” says Burkhart. Burkhart has also posted some how-to videos online. Here he gives a few recipes for cocktails that are just a shake away.

The Quarantini

2 ounces gin (or vodka, or light rum)

1 splash orange bitters (less than a 1/8 teaspoon)

1 citrus zest

Combine gin and bitters in a shaker glass with ice. Shake until ice cold, then strain into a chilled serving glass. Squeeze zest and run around rim of glass, then drop it in. This one might not have the most original of names, but certainly one of the best. A classic martini usually contains dry vermouth, but I find most dry vermouth is too oxidized (a quality in wine that would give it a spoiled taste). For bitter and bright with no oxidation, orange bitters fits the bill nicely — and a little goes a long way. Vermouth is a still a wine-flavored spirit with herbs and it will spoil in a few days if left unrefrigerated (it might last a week or two refrigerated). Most people treat it as a liquor, which it is not, much to their surprise. Consider that when you get out that 2-year-old bottle of vermouth from your back cabinet for your shelter-in-place cocktail. Bitters is high proof and should last just about forever. This recipe is adapted from one I had at the Savoy in London. There it came in a Baccarat crystal glass and was $90. I’m guessing it tastes just as good out of a coffee cup.

Zombie Apocalypse

2 ounces dark rum (or light rum, or flavored rum, or a combination)

1 ounce orange juice

1 ounce pineapple juice

1/2 teaspoon berry jam (any flavor jam can work, but berry is the best)

Citrus wheel of any kind

Combine rum and jam in the bottom of a mixing glass. Stir to combine. Add ice and fruit juices and stir or shake. Pour into serving glass and garnish with citrus. Two rums and two juices, with a sweetener is how I was taught to make tropical drinks: mai tai’s, zombies, scorpions, it doesn’t matter, they are all basically the same with one or two minor differences. Sometimes it is different juice — guava, mango, passionfruit, etc. — and sometimes it is different sweetener — grenadine (pomegranate), orgeat (sweet almond), falernum (ginger). Since most people don’t have those last three sitting around, I suggest using some berry jam instead. The zombies will thank you.  

Omega Man Old Fashioned

2 ounces of any of these: bourbon, rye, blended, Irish, Scotch, Canadian or Japanese whiskey (or brandy, aged rum, anejo tequila, Armagnac, anything aged) 

2 dashes bitters (any bitters will work, so will Fernet, Averna or any other kind of amaro)

1 teaspoon simple syrup (50/50 dissolved mixture of sugar and water)

1 citrus zest

Combine first three ingredients in a mixing glass with ice and stir. Pour into serving glass and garnish with zest. Old fashioneds are remarkably easy to make, despite what you might read online, at least the original old fashioned is. First called a “bittered sling,” it was just three ingredients: sugar, bitters and liquor. It doesn’t get easier than that. 

Herbal Hermitage Mojito

2 ounces white rum or vodka (flavored ones work well, too)

1 ounce lemon or lime juice

1 ounce simple syrup

1 ounce fresh herb (mint, cilantro, basil, thyme, rosemary)

1 lemon or lime wheel

1 reserved sprig of the herb used

Gently tear herbs into shreds and place in the bottom of a mixing glass. Add ice and the three liquid ingredients. Shake gently to combine (one to two hard shakes, or more if using gentle shakes). Strain into a cocktail glass and float the wheel, placing a sprig of fresh herb on top. Alternately, pour entire mixture into 12-ounce glass and top with soda.

*Mojito means little softening sauce in Spanish. Whether that refers to the herbs or the imbiber is open to interpretation.

To-Go Cocktails

Do you miss date night cocktails? We do. Although you can’t belly up to your favorite bar for a martini, many of them are offering to-go versions — and now you can enjoy them in sweats at home. Best pricing is usually through the restaurant, so call to place orders for pickup or delivery with them.

Buckeye Roadhouse (Mill Valley)

Cocktails to go include the Buckeye Manhattan, Napa Negroni, Pear-Cilantro Margarita and the Moscow Mule KIT. All cost $20 and serve 2 — just add ice!

Bungalow 44 (Mill Valley)


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Finally, it’s hot! Perfect evening for Moscow Mules for 2 or 4! Tito’s Vodka, Fresh Lime, and premium Q Ginger Beer. 👌🏽 #bungalow44 #titosvodka #qgingerbeer #takeout #millvalley

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Check out the special takeout menu, available from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. daily. To order pickup call directly at: 415-331-2600.

The Cantina (Mill Valley)


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Offering margaritas to-go — only $5.50 during happy hour (3 p.m. to 7 p.m.)

Copita Tequileria y Comida (Sausalito)


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Cinco-To-Go! 🌮❤️💃🏻 We’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo (and our 8th anniversary) with a few special items designed for your very own Cinco de Mayo at Home! Available for pick-up & delivery from 12 Noon – 8pm (or until we run out of tequila!) on Tuesday May 5th. Choose from: Taco 10-pack for $49 – Your choice of 10 tacos: pork carnitas, steak, chicken tinga or vegetarian (Beyond Beef). Includes chips and 2 salsas. Chicken Dinner for 2 for $39 – Whole wood-roasted chicken with all the fixins (roasted potatoes, smoked bacon pinto beans, salsas) plus a roasted beet salad. SIP of Copita Margarita Pack for $75 – includes a liter bottle of Herradura Silver tequila, a gallon of fresh-squeezed lime and organic agave mixer. Includes chips and salsa. Pre-order your Cinco celebration to ensure we have your order ready to go! ​ #doordash #grubhub #sausalitostrong #marineats #marindrinks #marinfood #copitacomida ​

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Various cocktails including the SIP (“Shelter-In-Place”) pack, makes 15+ margaritas for $75 and includes chips and salsas.

Cucina SA (San Anselmo)


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Call us between 4 pm and 8pm to order your dinner and cocktails!!!

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Cucina is offering a selection of cocktails to go including a Margarita, Manhattan, Cosmo and more for $12.

El Rey Mexican Bar and Grill (Novato)

A wide selection of margaritas are available for takeout and delivery including spicy mango, smoky and pink Cadillac for $9.

Floodwater (Mill Valley)


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Tequila won’t fix this… but it’s worth a shot! #floodwatermv . . . . . #margarita #margaritas #cocktails #cocktailsofinstagram #drinks #cheers

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Cocktail menu includes: Rome With a View for $10, Anejo Honey Sour for $12, Barrel Old Fashioned for $12, The One With Vodka In It for $11, and Gus Chiggins for $11.

Gravity Tavern (Mill Valley)

Selection including Manhattans, Negronis, Margaritas and more. Curbside pickup, online ordering and food delivery is available.

Guesthouse (Kentfield)

Cocktails to go come with 2 servings — $20 each.

Hog Island Oyster Co. (Larkspur)


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Not like we haven’t been treating every hour like it’s cocktail hour in this quarantine haze, but if you’ve got better self-control than us, it’s time to let loose and pick yourself up one of our pre-batched cocktails because it’s #FRIDAY!⁠ ⁠ What better way to celebrate another day of staying safely at home than with our thirst-quenching Marshall Margarita. Made with Pueblo Viejo Blanco, jalapeño, agave, fresh lime and a side of worm-salt served on the side. Just shake well, pour over ice and enjoy! Available at our Larkspur oyster bar @marincountrymart for pickup and delivery. Order via the link in our profile or the button that says order food! ⁠ ⁠ #hogislandoysterco #hogislandlarkpsur #cocktailhour

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Offering various large format cocktails including the Hog Island Blood Mary (makes 5-6 drinks for $40), Watermelon Wake (makes 6-7 drinks for $45), Headlands Old Fashion (makes 7-8 drinks for $60.00), Marshall Margarita (makes 6-7 drinks for $45.00), Yellow Submarine (makes 7-8 drinks for $60.00) and the Mezcal in May (makes 6-7 drinks for $45.00)

HopMonk Tavern (Novato)

Check website or call for details.

Left Bank Brasserie (Larkspur)


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Cocktails for two! Delivery and pickup. #craftcocktails #dranks #cocktaildelivery

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Three different cocktails for 2 available for pickup or delivery.

Mi Pueblo (San Rafael)

Check website or call for details.

Nick’s Cove (Marshall)

Bloody Marys, Margaritas and Tomales Tonics are available for pickup every day from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Osteria Divino (Sausalito)


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Cocktails with dinner anyone? Pair with one of our pastas for a perfect match.

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A wide selection of customizable cocktails including Sazeracs, Old Fashioneds, Moscow Mules and Martinis are available for pick-up or delivery.

Parranga (Strawberry)


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We’re looking forward to brighter days ahead! We appreciate you all, and we hope you’re keeping your spirits up during this time.

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Three different margaritas, a Paloma and “hot lips” are available for $25 a piece — 6 cocktails for the price of 3.

Perry’s (Larkspur)

Check website or call for details.

Piatti (Mill Valley)

Cocktails include a Capri Mule, Margarita, and Piatti Negroni (each $14), and a Milan Manhattan for $18.

Playa (Mill Valley)

The following cocktails are available in 10oz through 25oz sizes and range from $16 to $45:

Kill Bill Margarita – Tequila, Cointreau, Lime

Playa Margarita – Tequila, Agave, Lime

Oaxacan Margarita – El Silencio Mezcal, Lime, Cointreau, Agave, Chili-Salt

Playa Paloma – Tequila, Grapefruit, Lime, Simple syrup, Lime Bitters, Q Soda

Pineapple Express – Tequila, El Silencio Mezcal, Chareau, Pineapple-Habanero Shrub, Lime, Agave Soda

Picco (Larkspur)

Cocktails include a Barrel-aged Manhattan, Old fashioned, and Negroni for $10 each and a Bourbon Slush (four roses bourbon, orange, lemon, fever tree ginger beer) — 2 servings for $20 or 4 for $35.

Poggio (Sausalito)


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Hallelujah! You may now purchase alcohol with your take-out order! We’ve got a full list of cocktails, beer and wine, all ready to go with your food order (and yes, you must order at least one food item!) We’re open for dinner take-out from 4pm – 8pm every day. If you would like to place a take-out order, please call us at 415-332-7771 and let us know if you would like to come inside to pick up your order or we can bring it to you in your car curbside. You can see our take-out menu in the link in our profile. 🙏💪❤️🍸#negronitogo #halfbottles #winetogo #beertogo #foodtogo #drinkstogo #hereforyou #wellgetthroughthis #sausalitostrong #marinstrong #marinfood #poggiotrattoria

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Drinks include Manhattans, Martinis, Negronis and more.

Saylor’s (Sausalito)


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#cincodemayo & #tacotuesday 😱 make it #tacos #togo my peeps!

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Various cocktails available for pickup or delivery. Check website or call for details.

The Spinnaker (Sausalito)

Check out the list of take out cocktails available for take out and delivery here.

Station House Cafe (Point Reyes Station)

Check out the list of take out cocktails here.

Thep Lela (Strawberry)

Check website or call for details.

The Trident (Sausalito)


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Happy Friday! Don’t forget we offer to-go cocktails. 🍹🍺🥂🍷 Call 415-331-3232 to place your order today!

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Check out the list of take out cocktails here.

How to Help

There are so many local restaurants that need your help right now. For more ways to support local businesses, go here.

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