Can We Call You a Moderate?

Feeling a little red and a little blue? Check out the latest intellectual movement and documentary film sweeping the country.

What do Congressman Barry Goldwater, Bigfoot and the Incredible Hulk, Lou Ferrigno, himself, have in common? A new movement, founded by Marin raised, Greg Simmons, called “Staunch Moderates(R),” that is finding a middle ground on thorny issues from climate change, to Trump’s wall, police brutality, Jan 6th and more, with respectful dialog. Through its media company, the “Staunch Moderates News” YouTube channel, social media and music platforms have over 110 million views and streams, signaling a possible shift in community sentiment on the divisive issues we are all facing.

The latest effort from the organization and Mr. Simmons is a feature-length theatrical documentary called Mission Peace that tells the story of this new political movement. Through gonzo interviews and archival footage, this film, which requires a thinking cap, explores how Staunch Moderates was founded and has grown from a small group of activists, to become a major force in political dialog today. According to Simmons, “Staunch Moderates is a philosophy to live by to sustain the human race.” The documentary has been met with critical acclaim, garnering 18 international film festival laurels, including three major awards.

Greg Simmons

Mr. Simmons, a self described “moderate conservative,” who’s family developed Pier 39 and started Chevy’s, launched the organization with the likes of Congressman Barry Goldwater, the Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno and Edward Lozzi, a press undersecretary for: the Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and now Joe Biden administrations. The Staunch Moderates philosophy is to come together, find middle ground and common sense compromise to help heal the political divide, while striving for national and world peace. In that effort, Staunch Moderates conducts well attended issue forums on Facebook, covering climate change, police brutality and other pressing issues, while providing news updates and entertaining, philosophical and sometimes humorous music videos on their “Staunch Moderate News” YouTube channel.

Staunch Moderates Bigfoot
Staunch Moderates’ bigfoot mascot “Staunch”

The organization employs meaningful humor with their Bigfoot mascot, “Staunch,” has a show on iHeartRadio and a late night targeted TV show launching soon. According to Mr. Simmons, the whole operation could be described as “a common sense intellectual movement for peace through moderation.”

Mission Peace is an entertaining documentary telling the story of the Staunch Moderates movement featuring Congressman Barry Goldwater, Lou Ferrigno and a host of rappers, celebrities, music and political voices from both sides of the aisle. It has an exclusive run at Tiburon Cinelounge, August 18–24.

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