Editor’s Letter: New Things for a New Year

January Editor's Letter, Mimi Towle and Mimi Pinson

Happy New Year. If you’re reading this we’ve all made it through the holidays and are likely preparing for what’s in store for 2024. Personally, I love this annual chance to reflect, review, renew, recycle — all the good r’s. And here at Marin Magazine, we are thrilled to be starting 2024 in our new digs. While we loved our office (and fellow tenants) at 4000 Bridgeway, a move to 2330 Marinship has already brought a solid sense of new beginnings — demonstrated by our cover! And yes, we are accepting welcome baskets and chocolates.

Speaking of new, we have a few new products that we’ve been working on to better serve you — our readers and our amazing advertising partners. We’ve created an online ‘wedding hub,’ a Marin shopping guide, as well as two new specialized newsletters: Foodie Friday and Aloha Friday (sign up here!). We are also thrilled to have another Mimi on staff. Hailing from Novato, Mimi Pinson graduated from my U.C. Berkeley last year (Go Bears!). I’ve barely known other people named Mimi, let alone worked with someone who shares my name and alma mater, but I’m looking forward to it. For those counting, we now have three Nikkis and two Mimis in the office.

Back to you. If you have added, “get out more, meet ‘fun’ new people” or “be more immersed in the community” to your resolutions, we’re excited to announce a new monthly ‘nudge’ that will be sent out via our newsletters titled, “Yes, And” the best things to do in [insert month]. The concept has been a work in progress, but the title was created immediately during a brainstorm with Kasia, myself and Zphyna Caldwell, who will be writing and researching for you. When Zphyna told us how she uses this famous improv technique “Yes, and” in her day job as special events and engagement manager at Marin Theater Company, we continued the thread. As in, during meetings when someone has an idea, the response will be, “Yes, and…” which opens up a world of possibilities. At the thought of starting that practice here, my cynical brain went right to, “Yes, and nope, let’s not extend this meeting.” Luckily, I kept that to my inside-my-head voice during our meeting as the two of them whittled down the options.

With an eye towards making positive changes in your life, Carrie Kirby has penned a guide to protecting your online privacy. One of my favorite email passwords our former IT person created for a crucial shared account, was N0t4U2dayBuddy. It did protect us and made me smile everytime I typed it in. Christina Mueller curated a sweet round up of beautiful weddings featuring Marin couples and their unique ceremonies. And for the cherry on the top, Jeanne Cooper shares the inspiring talents of Bay Area’s Nicole Hollis’ work in various iconic properties, in which I learned my new favorite word — biophilic.

On behalf of the entire team, I’d like to wish you a very happy new year and cheers to a year of ‘Yes, and…’

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