The High Life: Start the Year Off Right With These Cannabis Drinks, Edibles and More

Drinks, edibles and other must-have items.

Artet Flagship aperitif beverage, $60

Artet Flagship aperitif beverage

This amaro-like blend of botanicals and THC was dreamed up for cocktail makers and lovers of high spirits, in general. Available for delivery via Marin Gardens.

Breez Berry Nighttime tins, $30

Breez Berry Nighttime tins

Meet the new nightcap. These gentle, micro-dose mints are friendly for new consumers and also tasty enough to take a few for a higher dose. Available for pickup at Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana in Fairfax.

Houseplant ridge ashtray, $160

Houseplant ridge ashtray

Inspired by a marvel of modern engineering — the potato chip — this stylish creation features a green marble base and gold aluminum ashtray with satin finish. Available online at Houseplant.

Maison Bloom watermelon and pink peppercorn seltzer, $40

Maison Bloom watermelon and pink peppercorn seltzer,

This strain specific, whole plant beverage is best served chilled and has an impressive onset of only about 10–15 minutes. Available for delivery via

Pure Beauty solventless sativa pre-rolls (5 pack), $42

Pure Beauty solventless sativa pre-rolls

There is lots to love about this brand, including that all of the water used in its cultivation is collected from the air and all used soil is donated to public parks — pure beauty! Available for pickup or delivery via Nice Guys Delivery.

Golden Joints

More than one in ten (12%) adults between the ages of 50 and 80 report having recently used cannabis products, according to survey data published in the journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research.

CBD Smiles

In a recently published study, researchers at Rutgers University and the University of Texas have found that the cannabis component CBD can alleviate acute dental pain and may provide an equally effective, far safer alternative to opioids.

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