Best New Wellness Businesses in Marin

Stay in the know with our new in town best wellness business list featuring the latest gyms, spas, and health focused shops in Marin.

The Yard

As a former college football player, owner Joe Cicero noticed that he was often waiting for the barbells and rack, then rushing through his workouts. His new business in Mill Valley’s Tam Junction solves that problem. Inspired by the traditional barbershop model, where independent barbers rent out chairs from the store owner, his gym is reservation-based gym where independent trainers and members can reserve exclusive access to high-end fitness equipment. “I recall daydreaming about running a gym there,” Cicero says. “Crazy to see that dream come to fruition five years later.”

215 Shoreline Highway Mill Valley; 585.771.0732

Eye Institute of Marin

Eye Institute of Marin Dr. Kathryn Najafi Tagol, Dr. Michael Hemond

Creating a safe office space was front of mind for owner and cataract surgeon Dr. Kathryn Najafi Tagol, M.D. when she moved her practice to San Rafael’s Mitchell Boulevard business park in the Terra Linda neighborhood earlier this year. Her patent-pending barrier shield includes a HEPA filter and fans that “create a breath of fresh air in front of a doctor’s face,” for safer closeup exams. Now in its own building, the practice offers more privacy to patients and, with more than double the office space, improved ventilation, larger exam rooms, and better access for patients. Dr. Michael Hemond, M.D. PhD also joined the practice.

10 Paul Dr, San Rafael; 415.444.0300

Now Power Yoga

Founder & owner Susan Hauser first founded her yoga, fitness and wellness studio at a location a few doors down in Corte Madera’s Tamal Plaza. When the opportunity arose to develop her own space, she jumped at the chance. It opens the first week of May.

59 Tamal Vista Blvd, Corte Madera; 415.891.3764

The Anchor Method

The Anchor Method

Realizing that physical and mental health are necessities for everyone, especially teenage girls, personal trainer Emily Switzer opened a fitness studio in August that combines a specific strength program with yoga and cool down/stretch time to discuss the reflections of the day. “The reflections consist of different topics centered around mental health, physical health and well-being,” Switzer says. “The environment in the studio is empowering. The girls are not only learning how to trust each other, but learning how to trust themselves.” Plans are in the works to expand to teen boys, seniors and others.

870 College Ave Suite A, Kentfield; 415.590.1085.



Active in the Marin Rowing Association and running or biking on Mt. Tam inspired Petaluma-based owner Will Wahlen and Erika Kehr to seek a Marin location for their second North Bay workout studio, which opened in May. Look for their signature 40-minute, Pilates-inspired, full-body strength training classes on customized reformers.

47 Tamal Vista Blvd E, Corte Madera; 415.758.2384