How to Help Maui

The Maui wildfires are now considered the deadliest natural disaster in the US in more than 100 years. In all, 2,700 structures, mostly homes, were lost to the flames, and estimated damages (not accounting for human loss) sit around 5.6 billion dollars. The death toll remains unconfirmed and hundreds of people are still missing. Federal officials estimate about 4,500 people have been displaced and are living in shelters, homes of family and friends, or out of their cars.

At this time travel to West Maui is discouraged as the residents are recovering from the devastation caused by wildfires, For travel advisory updates click here, and to help with recovery efforts, click here.

Here at 270 Media, our hearts are broken to think of the incalculable loss of lives and cultural treasures. 

Here’s the latest from Hawaii News Now.

Lahaina Wildfire, How to help Maui
United States National Guard sifting through the wreckage of Lahaina Wildfire

Here are a few ways you can help

Lahaina Strong

  • Lahaina Strong is a one stop shop online marketplace designed to help businesses on Maui thrive and rebuild after the Lahaina Fire.

Maui Strong Fund

Kāko‘o Maui Fund

Aloha United Way

American Red Cross of Hawaii

  •  Providing shelter, evacuation assistance and other relief, the local Red Cross accepts donations of hotel points and airline miles as well as cash.

Hawaii Salvation Army

  • Hawaii Salvation Army is asking for monetary donations and large-volume meal donations from restaurants and certified kitchens to aid in mass meal service at Maui shelters.

Maui Humane Society

  • Seeking foster homes and supplies for displaced pets and cash donations for medical supplies.

Hawaii Restaurant Association

  • The Hawai’i Restaurant Association is mobilizing donations including food, clean water, medical supplies, and shelter to provide urgent relief for Maui.

Hawaii Food Bank

  • Hawaii Food Bank is seeking online donations to help provide support and food assistance to those in need. 

Lahaina Restoration Foundation

  • The Lahaina Restoration Foundation is non profit that has served the local community for 60 years.

Maui Residents with Marin Ties


“At 81 years old, Marjorie is one of many people in Lahaina Maui who has lost everything, including her home, two beloved cats, and a third stray she had just adopted. Marjorie barely escaped with her life, driving five hours through smoke, flames, and down electrical lines to find a safe route out of Lahaina. She arrived in Up Country Maui and is sheltering with friends. Marjorie left with no personal possessions other than her phone and her car. She is in dire need of support to rebuild her life. Marjorie must purchase clothing and personal items, including a computer, for her livelihood. She will also have to come up with rent, probably first and last, and deposit. The funds will go directly into Marjorie’s bank account, and we contact her daily. Please donate and share. The YouTube video at the link below is of Marjorie driving through flames on both sides of her car trying to get out of Lahaina.” – gofundme link here.

Jacome Family

“My brother and family friends have lost everything in the Maui fires. They spent years working “hands on” to build their home and property into an amazing place for raising kids and bringing ohana together. They had finally done it and been able to enjoy it with loved ones for only a few years before it was all wiped out just days ago. While that was an unimaginable loss all that matters to them is getting back on their feet for the girls. I’m grateful for anything you can give to help them help each other do just that.” – gofundme link here.

Tim and Kai Craft

“Please donate what you can to help my dear friend Tim and his son Kai who lost their home in the fires in Lahaina, Maui. Tim is an amazing human who would drop everything to help any of his friends in need. Tim’s attitude is amazing. He is feeling blessed that he and Kai are safe and is currently volunteering with the World Central Kitchen to help feed those in need. Even during this very difficult time, he is putting the needs of others above his own. Tim also lost his place of employment, Kimo’s, in the fire. All funds will help Tim and Kai replace the items they lost and help relieve some of the financial stress during this difficult time. Everything helps. Thank you!” – gofundme link here.

Keahi & Ali’s Ohana

“Please Kokua Keahi & Ali’s Ohana and help them rebuild their lives. I am Karine, a close friend of Keahi & Ali’s Ohana, I am organizing this fundraiser to help them get basic needs & begin rebuilding their lives. They have lost their home, sailboat and business in the Lahaina Fire and everything they owned. Keahi has served the Maui community as a firefighter for the last 15 years and he served on the front lines yesterday on the fire, saving many lives. Ali and Keahi run GungHo Sailing together and they loved sharing real sailing off of West Maui with kama’aina and visitors alike. They have 5 amazing kids together: Mihana, Nalu, Tepua, Zach and Jed and they need our help right now. Please consider donating so they can start to rebuild their life. It’s going to be a long road. Mahalo nui loa! xoxo” – gofundme link here.

Bob Olsen and Beverly Johnson

“Aloha out there. As you may know by now, the fires of Lahaina were devastating to all of Lahaina Maui and the island community. Many of you might be wondering if the legendary surfboard shaper Bob “Ole” Olson survived the fires. Yes…he just made it out alive with the help of a young couple that helped Bev get him into their car. They grabbed the cats and dog and not much else. He has lost his home, shaping room/business, and storage unit. In the dash out the door even his hearing aids and glasses were left behind. Can you imagine starting from scratch at 93 years old? As we are all wondering how can we help, this would be a worthy cause to donate to! I hope that the community can kokua and help him to land on his feet. He has shared the stoke with so many surfers with his longboards over the decades that I hope we can all help him now. All funds will go directly to Bob Olson and Bev for all living expenses such as rent, food and medical. Any size donation would be so amazing as he and his wife Beverly Johnson start to rebuild their life. Sending aloha to all of you out there and especially those on the Westside.” gofundme link here.

To add another Go-fund me please send an email to [email protected] with more details.

For more information and ways to help Maui, click here