Carrara Creates Cohesion — A Modern Marble Makes for Unified Minimalism

florence livingston

San Francisco-based designer Florence Livingston is a master of creating open and simplistic, yet functional, interiors. Such is the case for a young family of four and their remodeled house in the Sun Valley neighborhood of San Rafael, California.

Marble Made It Simple and Fresh, With a Twist!

Easygoing California style with a touch of the unexpected is achieved using IRG’s Carrara Supreme marble – an Italian white marble which is grayer than the traditional Calacatta marble, but utilized just as often in good design. 

Delicate veining coupled with its lower price point (compared to Calacattas) make it a classic white marble that is still budget-accessible.

Starting With the Kitchen 

Carrara Supreme tends to have a whiter and lighter background than typical Carrara marbles. Used on countertops and backsplashes, it works perfectly when paired with stylized white oak cabinetry. The design is simple, yet the beautiful and intriguing variation within the marble is on full display, helping to create a space that is minimal but in no way boring.

And Into the Baths

The consistent use of Carrara continues into bathrooms, where it is used on the vanity, again atop white oak cabinetry, and to line a cement tile shower wall and marble tile floor.

Here, the choice of marble adds richness and depth without being overly fussy or complicated.

Patterned cement tiles are used in the second bathroom where a Carrara and white oak vanity and bold black accents allow the simple, minimalist design aesthetic to continue. This simple theme — white cabinets, floors, walls, and counters accented with black and brass — brings a sense of peacefulness, but also gives the illusion that the house is bigger than it actually is.

Bring the Beauty of Carrara Marble Into Your Space

You can mimic this thoughtful and unified approach in your own home in ways large or small. Carrara Supreme is a versatile, thoughtful choice; use it in large-scale slab formats, in tiles, or even in a mosaic backsplash. However you choose to use Carrara marble, it is a wonderful choice for years to come.

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