How to Choose Plumbing Fixtures for Your Home

Local designer Sandra Bird says that when it comes to choosing plumbing fixtures, it’s important to remember that you interact with them every day, so they should be beautiful, quality instruments. The style of the bathroom should “complement the character of your house, so work with what you have already,” says Bird. “Consider the practical demands you will have for the faucet. In the bathroom, faucets are more like jewelry. There are gorgeous finishes available, so indulge. Your bathroom is one of the first and last things you see each day, so make it beautiful.”

1. Color therapy and the ancient Indian system of chakras was the inspiration for steam shower manufacturer ThermaSol to create this multicolor steam experience. The Serenity Light and Music System is an add-on option for any of the company’s steam shower systems. $1,689 at CTW Designs (Novato). 415.883.8861

2. Waterdecor has unveiled a “choose your own GPM technology” for
homeowners looking to go green. While most faucets and showerheads are set at a fixed water flow rate, the new product allows the customer to customize rates of .5, 1 and 1.5 — whereas previously 2.5 has been considered a low flow. The company says the typical household with four people consumes approximately 9,000 gallons of water per month, so every gallon saved counts. Marcelle Shower Valve $950—$1,220; Marcelle Showerhead $735—$944 at the Bath & Beyond (SF). 415.552.5001

3. MGS faucets, composed of solid stainless steel, are extremely hygienic and are one of the few faucets preapproved by the National Sanitation Foundation. While other materials, such as brass, require a water-based wash to pass the foundation’s tests, stainless steel is completely pure in composition, assuring that no lead or other toxic particles will leach into drinking water. The VELA LD faucet $1,895–$1,995 at DJ Mehler (SF). 415.864.0850,—S. F.