Designer for Less

I love designer goods, but I love a good deal even more. Enter Threadflip – a relatively new consignment website catering to women's clothing and accessories with headquarters based in San Francisco. Their model may seem similar to eBay and other consignment stores, but the hook is their social component. All users have a profile and have the ability to "like" items and follow other users whose closets they covet (or wear the same size, have a similar style, etc). They also offer a "White Glove Service" where users can request a pre-paid package to fill with items they want to sell and Threadflip takes care of photographing and listing the items.

My closet is in desperate need of some spring cleaning so I decided to try it out for myself. I took a couple of pictures of the pieces I wanted to sell, uploaded them, filled out a description for each and I was done. The whole process took less than a minute for each item – simple!

So far I haven't made any sales, but I found a super steal that of which I had to take advantage. I've been coveting a tan Rebecca Minkoff MAC purse for awhile now and found one on Threadflip for only $47 (original retail $295). The purse arrived professionally wrapped and exactly as described – slightly used but in good condition. I had a great experience overall and can't wait to continue shopping and selling.

Want to try it out for yourself? Use this link to get started now!