Blisshaus Kitchens: Beautiful, Sustainable and Family-Friendly

Who isn’t dreaming of an organized kitchen that’s easy to maintain? 

With so many meals happening at home right now, keeping our pantries sorted seems all but impossible. That’s where Blisshaus comes in. 

Blisshaus, based in the Bay Area, offers makeovers to ensure your kitchen remains beautiful while also letting you live almost plastic-free.

Wiebke Liu founded Blisshaus after carrying out her own kitchen remodel five years ago. Despite investing in custom-made cabinets, she soon became overwhelmed by all the goods that needed to be stored.

“As I looked at the boxes and bags from our pantry, I couldn’t bring myself to fill the cabinets with that chaos. Even if I sorted it all, I knew it was going to look like a total ‘Durcheinander’ (German for mess) in no time.” 

“I grew up in Germany where my grandmother’s kitchen was filled with neat rows of perfectly appointed pantry jars,” Wiebke recalled. “I copied her setup. The result was amazing: Our cabinets looked gorgeous both inside and out.”

Blisshaus Wiebke Liu
Blisshaus Founder Wiebke Liu. Photo by Vivian Johnson for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Now, Wiebke aims to help other families achieve an organized setup that fits their lifestyle and requires minimal upkeep.

“I know families worry that keeping their kitchen tidy is difficult. This is why we design our workflow with each family member in mind. Kids get drawers with snack jars down low. Bakers get shelves with baking ingredients. Teenagers love the smoothie station. We even have a goop detox pantry.”

A Baking, Pasta and S’mores pantry on Photo by Delbarr Moradi Design by Meghan Bachman.

“Once your food is in uniform jars, keeping shelves tidy is a cinch,” Wiebke said. “Even a kindergartner can clean up a Blisshaus kitchen. Placing the jars back into their spot is as easy as a peg-board puzzle. Years after our makeover, our kitchens still look amazing.” 

Lonny’s Angela Tafoya’s sweetie surveys her snack drawer. Photo by Anna-Alexia for Lonny.

Further, Blisshaus’ kitchens are primarily plastic-free — a commitment Wiebke made after taking stock of the amount of non-recyclable plastic in her garbage pile. 

“At first, I wasn’t sure if we could pull it off,” Wiebke said. “However, after a few shopping trips, we found plastic-free versions of almost everything, including the kids’ favorite treats. Buying from bulk bins became easy, because now each food had its own jar at home.” 

Wiebke’s daughter decanting a bulk bin bag. Photo by Vivian Johnson for SF Chronicle.

Blisshaus’ makeovers transform your existing shelves and drawers into the kitchen of your dreams. No renovation is required. All it takes is a day or two of work, several dozen Blisshaus jars and our unique workflow design. 

The end result is your kitchen — but better. 

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