Helen Abe of RBC Wealth Management Shares How Giving Back Has Helped Shape Her Work as a Financial Advisor

Helen Abe

Helen Abe, Senior Vice President Financial Advisor for RBC Wealth Management, was born and raised in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Her parents, immigrants from China, worked hard for low wages and sacrificed to raise a large family. They taught their children how to make and follow a budget for spending and saving. 

“My mother literally saved pennies and proved to us that’s it’s not what you earn but what you save that matters,” Helen said. 

With these values, Helen set out to achieve her financial objectives while helping others to also achieve their financial dreams. She makes it a point to listen to each client’s story, understand their life circumstances and acknowledge their biggest concerns. Her approach is to keep financial plans simple, understandable and tailored to each individual.

“I believe that everyone knows the answers, yet they need a professional to validate their own beliefs. I want people to know that I care about each and every one of them,” she said.

Some people are most comfortable working with a woman although only 25% of financial advisors are women. Several widows, who needed help understanding their own finances, have engaged Helen for a financial education after their husbands had passed away.

Helen Abe

Helen feels it is important to give back to society. She has been a financial instructor to women at College of Marin for the past 20 years. To honor her parents, she was a founding member of the Chinatown Rotary Club. She is also an active charter member of the San Rafael Harbor Rotary Club. Both clubs are active in philanthropic activities in their respective communities. 

For 10 years she served on the finance committee of the Board of Directors of Hospice By The Bay. In addition, Helen has been a mentor with the Marin Literacy Program. She has been active with the Marin Humane Society. Her poodle is a Certified Reading Dog in the SHARE Program visiting 3rd grade classrooms and libraries in Marin County. 

Helen stays healthy by walking, pilates and as a certified yoga instructor. Through the Rotary Club, she plans on donating her time teaching yoga. Once the pandemic is over Marin County residents who cannot afford to pay for classes, have mobility challenges or are seniors are welcome. 

Helen enjoys her full life and loves to work with and encourage others to live a life that makes them happy. She believes that we should focus on what we want out of life instead of being fearful. Her mother always said, “When one is selfless, you always know the right thing to do.”