Your Tool Kit for Promoting Best of the County 2024

Best of the County Marin Magazine

Here is everything you’ll need to get the word out for Best of the County 2024 and get the votes for your business or organization!

  1. Download our Best of the County 2024 graphics (for social, your website or blog and newsletters).
  2. Get voting! Share this link to vote with your audience.
  3. Voting closes on May 31st. Check back in August 2024 to see who won!

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Best of the County FAQ

How are Best of the County recipients determined? 

The businesses represented are a combination of editors’ picks, last year’s recipients and write-in candidates from the Best of the County voting platform. All Best of the County recipients are deemed to be the best in Marin County.

How are the Readers’ Choice winners determined?

An online survey is conducted from April through June using the total Best of the County recipient list on the survey platform. The businesses who garner the highest number of votes from readers are determined to be the Readers’ Choice.

How can my business be recognized next year as a Best of the County recipient?

There is no magic formula, but it helps to do your best in creating a business where customers want to engage with your product or service. Engage your network! We have seen tremendous turnouts for businesses over the years, garnering them not only a Best of the County nod, but also Readers’ Choice recognition.

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