Author Talk: Joan Barnes


MM: Your story — founding Gymboree, stepping down as CEO due to an eating disorder and eventually finding peace through yoga — is pretty personal, though empowering. What compelled you to share it?

When I experienced the incredible audience reactions to the tales of my journey, I knew I had to continue telling my story, and what more effective way than through a memoir? My eating disorder recovery taught me about the power of self-honesty and awareness and gave me the courage to be vulnerable, raw and transparent.

MM: What do you believe is the biggest stereotype when it comes to female entrepreneurs?

The world often assumes that women lack the same ambitions as men, meaning their goals are not as lofty and are more temporary. While it is no day at the beach to build something entrepreneurial and raise a family at the same time, women are ably handling this challenge in greater numbers.

MM: Did you find it difficult to ask for help when you needed it? Why or why not?

I never asked for help. To me, then, asking for help was a badge of shame and an admission of frailty and inability to function well. It was only after I collapsed — literally — and confronted my problems head-on that I began the arduous process of learning how to reveal my core self without fear.

MM: What would be your top piece of advice to women who dream of starting their own businesses?

Align your passion with purpose. When we take the plunge into the deep waters of a new business venture with so much unknown and so much that will not go as planned, it is important that the decisions we make along the way express who we are and not who we or others think we should be. If the emotional, personal and psychic — not to mention financial — resources we invest are harmonized with our core values, we will be on a path toward contentment.

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