Childhood Is Not a Renewable Resource: Mount Tamalpais School Thrives Under Leadership of Andrew Davis

Mt Tam School girls

Eight years ago, Andrew Davis began his tenure as Head of School at Mount Tamalpais School (MTS). The school has thrived ever since. Founded in 1976, Mount Tamalpais School is a co-ed K-8 independent school in Mill Valley with the mission: “Learning is revered, and education is joyful.” Andrew’s passion for unparalleled academics and strategic priorities that put childhood first infuse the campus with a sense of joy. The school’s mission, combined with a focus on social-emotional fluency, fosters a feeling of belonging and makes MTS a sought-after school. 

Andrew Davis

Last year the school adopted a 5-year strategic plan that supports the school’s mission and community values: “Lead with Kindness, Honor Childhood, Practice Active Inclusion, Celebrate the Journey, and Ask, ‘What’s possible?’” The school’s guiding values can be seen across the 5-acre campus in everything from Wednesday morning all-school Gathers where students showcase their learning to their peers, to the 4th/5th grade winter production of the Wizard of Oz, to engineering a paper roller coaster with peers in 6th grade STEM class.

One of this year’s strategic priorities relates to the school’s Habit of Collective Wellness and Belonging. Andrew’s favorite saying, “childhood is not a renewable resource,” reverberates in the community, and he well knows that students will only succeed if they feel seen, heard, and valued. The school has also prioritized digital well-being with initiatives to support an intentional, healthy, and productive relationship with technology at school and home. 

A hallmark of Andrew’s leadership is his ability to plan for the future while being deeply planted in the moment. The school is expanding enrollment by 40 students over the next few years and will be updating teaching spaces with exciting plans for breaking ground on new construction that will make temporary spaces permanent. Mount Tamalpais School invites prospective families to join Andrew Davis to learn more about the school at an admissions event at his home on Friday, January 12 from 9:00-10:00 am or Thursday, February 1 from 7:00-8:00 pm. 

Andrew Davis seen here leading an all-school Gather. A versatile leader, he can be found advising 8th graders on the high school process, greeting students as they arrive on campus each morning, sharing the school’s strategic plan with current families, teaching a digital photography enrichment class, or playing 9-Square in the Air with students during recess.