Looking Back: Vintage Sausalito

YES, IT IS looking south on what is now Bridgeway. But according to Sausalito Historical Society board member Bill Kirsch, prior to the Golden Gate Bridge’s completion in 1937, Sausalito’s main street was named Water Street. At right in the photo is the Princess Theatre, which was just beginning to show talkies. And farther south, heading off to the right, was (and still is) Princess Street. Why Princess? “In 1868, the first ferryboat that brought San Franciscans to Sausalito was named Princess,” explains Sausalito historian Roland Ojedea. “So the road leading to the ferry terminal was called Princess Street.” Then, in 1875, the Northwestern Pacific Railroad brought trains into Sausalito, and Sausalito’s ferry terminal was moved close to its present site at the foot of El Portal (at front left in the above photo).