Monica Gray and Adam Fong at Nice Guys Delivery

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Nice Guys Delivery is a service dedicated to educating and guiding our members about the validated benefits of cannabis for health. We make pain relief accessible, affordable and discreet, while striving to offer all members an experience as unique as they are.

Briefly describe your business philosophy.
Take care of your employees. The happier they are, the more successful your business will be.

What is your competitive edge?
Our customer service is far superior to any cannabis delivery service out there.

What makes your work worthwhile?
As cliché as it sounds: helping people. We have terminally ill patients, some of whom only have months to live. Making their day-to-day lives more pleasant makes me love what I do.

What is the funniest thing that’s happened recently in your business?
Helping a customer who had consumed too much of a tincture and was too high. We did some research and found that if you smell ground pepper it sobers you up. It worked.

Five years from now, what changes will your business experience?
That’s a tough question because the legal cannabis market is in its infancy. Who knows what big players are going to enter the market? Tobacco, pharmaceutical; will it be federally legal in five years? I think it will, but we will see.

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