Beautiful Beaches

Muir Beach

MARIN COUNTY GOT a perfect score in Heal the Bay’s newly published 2014 water quality ratings for beaches all over California. The monitoring program, which here is overseen by the Marin County Community Development Agency’s Environmental Health Services division, gathered data last summer from 23 bay- and ocean-side spots. All locations were graded A in Heal the Bay’s annual Beach Report Card. Here are the details.

MONITORED LOCATIONS Dillon Beach, Bolinas Beach/Wharf Road, Stinson Beach, Muir Beach, Rodeo Beach, Baker Beach, Schoonmaker Beach, China Camp and McNears Beach.

SEWAGE SPILLS Only one spill in Marin led to a health warning, when about 1,000 gallons of sewage reached Richardson Bay in October 2014.

LOCAL VIEW Between the Marin and the San Mateo County coasts, 41 of 42 monitored locations were graded A.

BIGGER PICTURE Statewide, 91 percent of 443 beach locations received A’s during the summer dry months. Southern California edged out Northern California for cleanliness, scoring 93 percent to Northern California’s 86 percent.