View From Marin

WHEN OCTOBER ROLLS around, there is only one thing on most Marin residents’ minds: the Mill Valley Film Festival. It’s an exciting time to explore new films and start thinking about who might be in contention for an Oscar. This year, we proudly present our second annual guide to the event. You’ll find it in the middle of the magazine; pull it out and bring it with you to learn more about the festival, find screening times and even get a little backstory on Marin’s cinematic contributions.

In the regular issue we start things off with a story on second homes by writer Ann Wycoff. Whether you are considering such a purchase or just want to dream along with the rest of us, you’ll learn about three stunners that offer a respite from everyday life.

We continue with a story by Bill Marken on the mighty oak trees that, while not as famous as their redwood cousins, add character to the Marin landscape, particularly in places like the Mount Burdell Open Space Preserve. And continuing with the theme of natural landscapes, writer and photographer Robert Holmes paints a beautiful picture of Sonoma’s wine growing region and looks at plans to make the industry there 100 percent sustainable.

Up front we offer tips on being prepared for the next big quake, ask what your favorite Halloween candy is and find out how Limantour Beach got its name. We also introduce you to a scream queen, a local chef and a local cosmetics maker, a hand fan collector and the man helping to bring Marin a better hospital.

In Destinations we present ideas and tips for travel close to home — be sure to check out our new “Tank of Gas” piece — and a little farther afield. We also introduce you to Tony Probst, an individual with an interest in all things maritime, particularly when it relates to Pitcairn Island and the infamous HMS Bounty.

It’s a jam-packed issue and we sincerely hope you enjoy reading it. Once you finish, it’ll be time to dig out that tux or fancy dress and head for the red carpet. We’ll see you there.