View From Marin

ALTHOUGH IT MAY not feel that way yet, we are heading into spring. And what better way to celebrate the season than with a new look? Fashion editor Veronica Sooley, photographer Claudia Goetzelmann and the team headed to San Francisco’s Left Space Studios, where they stayed out of the El Niño rains and captured some hot new trends you’ll be seeing around town soon.

Next up, writer Charlie Vogelheim and photographer Michael Alan Ross talked to three Marin chefs who like to get your order out fast and drive even faster. You’ll definitely want to try and catch a ride with one of these guys.

We wrap up features with a look at the success of Marin Organic. Writer Jacoba Charles explains that with the achievements of West Marin’s organic farms, there is no longer a need for the 15-year-old organization. And in our annual Summer Camps list, you’ll find options and resources to help you choose the perfect camp, or two, for your little one this year.

Up front we’ve got a look at wondrous whales and Marin theater options you won’t want to miss, and we meet a gourmet coffee maker, a gadget fixer, and an architect who’s working on plans for the controversial 304- home Seminary project.

In Destinations we explore the outdoors in Hawaii — have you ever wanted to swim like a mermaid? — and join writer Norma Meyer for a rare 16-day expedition cruise to Russia’s Far East, where she sips brut sparkling wine amid Cold War ruins.

It’s a fun-filled, adventurous start to spring and we hope you enjoy sharing it with us. And if we see you out and about, we hope you keep cool and look fabulous.

WE’VE GOT THE BLUES The same team who brought you last year’s spring and fall shoots was at it again for 2016, this time embracing Pantone’s cool blue “serenity” color (15- 3919). According to the experts, serenity was chosen as a color of the year because of its tendency to be an “antidote to modern-day stresses, psychologically fulfilling our yearning for reassurance and security.”

Photos by Veronica Sooley