View from Mt. Tam

Is Marin such a yummy place to live that it has its own flavor? Absolutely! But here’s the tougher question: Is Marin’s flavor that of the Oysters Bingo at the Buckeye Roadhouse or is it the strawberry ice cream at the Fairfax Scoop? Or maybe it’s the poached eggs at Cibo or the vegetarian plate at Marinitas? Answer: it’s all of them—as you’ll find out in “Quintessential Tastes of Marin,” a guide to 10 classic Marin culinary treats and 10 noteworthy newcomers compiled by Marcia Gagliardi, author of the popular food e-column The Tablehopper.

Another first-time contributor this month is Inverness writer Jacoba Charles, whose Think story, “The Wildfire Next Time,” reports on what’s possibly the biggest threat facing Marin County residents and their homes—fire. It’s not a matter of whether a big blaze will come, say officials, only a matter of when. Local fire crews say they’re ready for it. Are you?

In Journey, Suzi Eszterhas, one of the world’s most prominent wildlife photographers, graces our pages with her marvelous photographs of African cheetahs and gorillas and Antarctic penguins. The Redwood High grad, now 33, says she knew from age eight that her life’s work would involve wildlife. We’re thrilled she followed her childhood dreams.

Also in this issue, GO goes to three tank-of-gas getaways, from the Santa Cruz Mountains past Half Moon Bay to Napa; Conversation chats with Brigitte Moran, who manages the farmers’ markets in Marin; FYI People profiles singer Kathryn Keats, who has emerged from a life in hiding from a violent boyfriend to begin a flourishing new career; Marinterview questions Mill Valley designer and color consultant Danielle Hirsch; and Microclimate meanders out to Dillon Beach.

As always, our wish is for your good reading. Enjoy Marin Magazine, as we continue to celebrate this extraordinary place!

Lisa Shanower, Publisher
Nikki Wood, Editorial Director
Jim Wood, Executive Editor