Why We Love Outside Lands

Outside Lands 2018 Logo FULL, Marin Magazine

Eco-Conscious Nature  

If for some odd reason you’re still on the fence, rest your conscious by knowing that your ticket to this music- and food-loving paradise goes a long way: Each ticket not only helps our local economy, but also funds San Francisco’s Recreation and Parks Department that preserves this Bay Area treasure for everyone’s enjoyment year-round. From the waste diversion (compost and recycling) programs to solar power stages and numerous YETI “hydration stations” (complimentary cold, filtered water stations), it’s apparent that Outside Lands is aware of its impact and working hard to reduce its footprint


Economic Stimulus 

Like we mentioned, your ticket (and the over 200,000 others’) stimulates the Bay Area’s economy. Although you may not like the traffic delays and non-natives flooding your hometown, consider the benefits. Outside Lands generates over $70 million for our local economy every year, bringing jobs and people to SF. It also partners with local restaurants, businesses and organizations to allow each attendant (visitor and native alike) to contribute to various causes and support the growth of our beloved Bay Area.



The Music  

This is obviously a huge aspect that cannot be overlooked. Each year Outside Lands features top-tier performers like Janet Jackson, Florence + The Machine, Janelle Monáe, Odesza, The Weeknd, Future, Bon Iver, Portugal. The Man, LP, and oh so many more. This year brought in music-industry newcomers to round out the lineup and set a precedent by featuring female artists as headliners for two days. 


The Food 

Festival gastronomy at its finest. Some—over 80—of the most delicious Bay Area restaurants and food trucks gather together for three days out of the year to make your life a little bit better. Or worse. Depending on your decisiveness. If you happen to be a tad indecisive when faced with too many good options (aren’t we all?), we have you covered: Our Outside Lands 2018 food recap can help you get an idea of what to try (or what to try first!).


And More 

There are so many other wonderful “Lands” to stake out: Both Wine and Beer Lands, but also Sober Lands (for those who don’t want to partake), Cheese Lands, Bacon Land, Flower Lands (for the insta), Eco Lands… the list could go on. Read more about the history and other intriguing parts of this festival in our previous Outside Lands post, which highlights a new addition—Grass Lands—and The Barbary, where all who love comedy, improv and laughing go.



Sabrina Tuton-FilsonSabrina, a senior at Elon University studying Professional Writing and Fine Art, is currently exploring the intersection of her interests as an Editorial Intern at Marin Magazine. Born and raised in San Francisco/Marin, she loves traveling just as much as coming home to the Bay Area. She has curated a sophisticated palate for food, travel and culture and uses her travels as an outlet to develop her photography portfolio and hone her writing craft. Her dream is to work in the visual side of editorial (after globetrotting as a freelance writer and photojournalist).