Some Pop It Hot: Eating at MVFF

Lark Theater popcorn is a treat


Mill Valley Film Festival attendees need something to sustain them as they watch flick after flick. At Larkspur’s Lark Theater, the new parklet out front, called Gilardi Marquee Terrace, is an ideal space to sample the theater’s expansive, movie-worthy eats or have coffee or a cold drink between shows.

There’s pizza from nearby Picco, stuffed pretzels, Kobe beef hot dogs, and ice cream, milkshakes and floats from Sausalito’s Lappert’s, as well as the usual candy suspects (Jujubes, we’re looking at you).

The popcorn, however, is in a league of its own. It’s popped with coconut oil, according to Ellie Mednick, the Lark’s executive director. Add a real butter topper to push this ’corn over the top. 415.924.5111.

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