Family-Owned Nice Guys Helps Deliver Relief, Create Jobs Throughout Pandemic

Nice Guys Delivery

Nice Guys Delivery was conceived in 2016 by my husband, who began to research the cannabis delivery market in Marin. 

At the time, we were living in Mill Valley. I was on maternity leave from my corporate job, as we were expecting our first son to be born. Back then, I had no idea there was such a thing as cannabis delivery. I was not a consumer myself as I only had a couple of enjoyable experiences with smoking, but overall it was not something that I liked. With that being said, when my husband said he wanted to open a delivery service, my first question was: Is that even legal? 

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We were able to receive a license to operate medical only in 2018, and not until we received our adult-use license through the city of San Rafael in 2019 were we able to fulfill “adult use” sales. 

What is wonderful and important to note about the regulated market is that every product that comes into our inventory has been laboratory tested for pesticides and other toxic chemicals. The testing requirements on cannabis products are said to be more strict than those of baby or organic foods. THC, CBD and other cannabinoid percentages also must be tested. If I could have known back in the day exactly what I was consuming and what percentage it was, I would better understand what my body was rejecting when I would have a “bad experience.” 

Cannabis use is not for everyone. I know that personally, but I also know that it has helped an astronomical amount of people, especially during this stressful time. When the pandemic hit, we were overloaded with orders. People were nervous that we were going to be shut down, and that they were not going to be able to have access to a source of relief. 

To my surprise, the State deemed cannabis an essential business. We were able to continue to operate and assist our community with access to their relief and also pay taxes to the State and the City of San Rafael to help fuel the dwindling economic system. We also were able to hire an additional 30 employees who had lost their jobs because of the pandemic. 

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The overwhelming amount of people we’ve been able to assist during these trying times makes me wake up every morning, ready to continue fighting the stigma around cannabis, and to provide much-needed education on this complex plant. 

At Nice Guys Delivery, we offer a variety of cannabis products ranging from flower, edibles, tinctures, topicals (even eye cream and bath bombs), drinks and more. All these different categories come in ranges of levels of THC, CBD — which does not give you that “high” effect and is said to help with anxiety and sleep — CBN — also said to assist in sleep — and more!