Pelo Fitness, Voted Marin Magazine’s 2019 Best of the County by Readers

Pelo Fitness has two locations, one in San Rafael and one in Russian Hill. Alan Roberts started Pelo because he found his passion for biking made a difference in his life and wants to share this experience with as many other people as possible. The Pelo goal is to “have the life you want thanks to a bike.”

What is your favorite think about running Pelo Fitness?

It’s all about our people. We have such a great community at both our studios and it’s fun to see them nervously take their first class and progress to feeling fit and proud.

What is your most popular class?

Weekends rock at Pelo. Sunday 9am “Rocks” is usually 15 deep on the waitlist.

What makes Pelo Fitness different from other cycling focused gyms?

If you really want to get fit, it’s so frustrating to take a class that gives you vague direction on how hard to be working. We developed a proprietary software that provides feedback about how much resistance you should have for your level of fitness. Everyone is different. our system levels the playing field so everyone gets the same level workout every ride. Our non cycling classes are all chosen and designed to complete the workout you get on the bike to give you full body fitness. A really cool new program is Fusion classes that combine 30min of cycling with 30min of yoga or stretching or TRX.

Do you have plans to further expand Pelo Fitness beyond it’s two current locations?

Yes. We are currently building the infrastructure to support more studios and then will putting together the funding to start opening more studios. Any fitness investors out there… here’s your opportunity 😉

Why do you think your customers voted you best of the county?

We are and always have been a local brand that’s built into the community. We do fundraisers for schools, run a discounted training program for local Mt Bike teams and always donate to Local non-profits. I can’t say it enough … it’s all about our community at Pelo!