Spotlight: The Bay Fitness Brings the Gym to You, Offering Personal Training Right In Your Home

Bay Fitness

The Bay Fitness has gym equipment that can work in any sized space, making it easy to bring personal training into your home. Clients are put through a workout designed by certified trainers, and when the session is over, they pack the equipment up and get it out of your way.

Briefly describe your business philosophy.

Your fitness journey is like a puzzle. We’ll help you find all the pieces, helping you build the best version of yourself and make that beautiful picture come to life.

What is your competitive edge?

We provide the most convenient personal training service possible. Clients don’t need to drive to the packed gym and wait for equipment. We bring a complete gym right to their home!

Which product or service (that you offer) is your favorite?

Some people might feel like others at the gym may judge them because they are unsure of what they should be doing. Our intro to the gym package builds their confidence.

What makes you excel at what you do?

Our dedication to clients and the trust we build. Every client will feel like they are the only client we have with all the work we put in for them.

What makes your work worthwhile?

A client said that we’re the reason she started her own business. She was able to built her confidence beyond just workouts, but as a person. She’s the inspiration for our wellness package!

From a business standpoint, who’s your inspiration?

Without a doubt, our clients. We love what we do and when we see life-changing results in them, both physically and mentally, it’s humbling and inspiring for us.