Local Nonprofit By the Bay Health Expands Compassionate Care at Home

by the bay health

By the Bay Health (formerly Hospice by the Bay), headquartered in Larkspur, California, since 1975, continues to evolve its home-based health care service offerings throughout the Bay Area.  

With origins as a hospice care provider, the organization has been meeting the rising demand for care through its growing service lines which now include skilled home health care, palliative care, pediatric care, hospice and grief support services. 

In-Home Health Care Provides Many Patient Benefits


As the nation’s aging population continues to rise, in-home care is a trend that is expected to continue. Allowing older patients to transition from rehabilitative care to other higher levels of care from the convenience of their own homes leads to fewer hospitalizations and more personalized care. For example, a patient who takes advantage of By the Bay Health’s skilled home health services for physical therapy or disease management may also prefer to transition into palliative care or hospice care services when the need arises.

The Role of Telehealth

by the bay telehealth

Through the pandemic, the organization has learned that older patients and their families are amicable to the efficiencies and convenience of telehealth. Patients under our care who do not yet feel comfortable going into a doctor’s office can schedule an appointment with By the Bay Health’s clinicians and receive professional medical advice through their computer, tablet or phone.   

Dispelling the Stigma Associated with the Word “Hospice”

by the bay health hospice care

As the first hospice provider in California, and only the second in the country, By the Bay Health has pioneered the field of hospice care. According to By the Bay Health CEO Kitty Whitaker, RN, MS, it’s through this experience that the nonprofit has learned how families and patients deal with end-of-life issues and the grief that inevitably comes with it. What is often not showcased is the way hospice care brings out an immeasurable level of compassion and commitment from our clinicians and their capacity as humans to guide families through the end-of-life journey, with expertise and empathy.” Whitaker notes that meeting patients earlier through skilled home health services and palliative care programs, provides essential health services many in the community were unaware the organization provided.  

To learn more about home-based health care options or grief counseling visit bythebayhealth.org or call (415) 927.2273. 

By the Bay Health and UCSF, Sharing a Valuable Partnership

Affiliated since 2015, UCSF has been a true partner for By the Bay Health as they expand their impact throughout Northern California and beyond. Having the support of one of the world’s most renowned medical institutions allows all patients the advantage of shared resources and clinical expertise. Through By the Bay Health’s fellows program, UCSF physicians are provided the experience needed to care for patients and children with life-limiting illnesses. Additionally, Dr. Steven Pantilat, director of the UCSF Palliative Care Leadership Center, is a member of the By the Bay Health Board of Directors and provides invaluable clinical insight and leadership.