The Latest (and Stylish) Way to Smoke: Artisanal Pot Pipes

Stylish Pipes

There are other things to smoke out of besides three-foot-tall glass bongs with sharks and mushrooms painted on them. Here is a selection of pipes you’ll be proud to leave out on the coffee table.


These pipes are available in three sizes and combine high-end modern design with detailed craftsmanship. Every item is hand-painted, made to order and individually sculpted in the USA. Starting at $120,


With a white porcelain body and hand-painted 22-karat-gold accents, these pretty and sturdy pipes are fired in reduction, in a gas kiln at high temperatures. The process creates an ever-changing array of finishes that make each piece truly one of a kind.



Some believe that different crystals have various energy-based health benefits. Citrine is said to bring generosity and to magnify and clarify personal power — it is also a neutral tone that fits well in any space.



Slim, elegant and practical, this Kelly Wearstler–designed creation features a gold overglaze mouthpiece and black speckle pattern. All pieces are made by hand in small batches and go through three kiln firings before they are finished. $75,

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