Pine Street Natural Interiors Gives Tips on How to Live Allergen Free

Everyone knows the rhyme, “April showers bring May flowers,” but for about 40 million Americans, April and springtime in general, brings seasonal allergies.

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word allergy as:

“Exaggerated reaction by the body to foreign substances that are harmless to most people. Those substances, called allergens or antigens, may include pollens, drugs, dusts, foods and other items.“

Rowena Finegan, the managing partner at Pine Street Natural Interiors, a shop in Sausalito that specializes in green and healthy household products and services, explains how one can ease their reactions to not only seasonal allergies, but allergies related to synthetic, man-made materials found at your home.

Finegan explains that natural allergens such as pollen mold, dust mites and pet dander as well as allergies related to man-made irritants, such as synthetic fabrics and foams, fire retardants and stain repellants on fabric, can be found in home furnishings such as carpeting, window coverings, pillows, furniture and beds and bedding.

“The worst offender in modern furniture and mattress production is found in cushioning and pillows that make up our most commonly used items,” Finegan said. “Almost all cushions and mattresses are filled with foam that is sprayed with a chemical flame retardant.”

According to Finegan, the major flaw of flame-retardants is that they don’t stay in the foam. The chemicals inside of the mattresses and cushions release into the air every time we get up and down and move around on the furniture.

“Choose manufacturers who offer smart, healthy, responsible furniture made from pure, natural latex, organic wool, organic goose feathers and down, FSC certified wood and non-toxic glues and finishes,” Finegan said. “These natural materials are not only superior in terms of comfort and lifespan, but are inherently flame retardant and hypo-allergenic.”

For example, wool is naturally flame resistant and is able to absorb moisture while remaining dry, which also makes the material naturally repellant to dust mites. Organic wool is harvested from sheep that graze in pastures free from harmful chemicals and pesticides, she said.

Natural and allergen-free brands and products that Pine Street Natural Interiors offers are:

  • OMI organic mattresses and bedding
  • Cisco Brothers Inside Green sustainable furniture line
  • Coyuchi organic products for bed and bath
  • Earth Shade Natural Window Coverings
  • Earth Weave Bio Floor natural carpeting
  • Kalamkari organic hand-woven and block-printed textiles for bed, bath and living from Eco-terric

“Pine Street Natural Interiors strives to offer high-quality, comfortable and beautiful home furnishings, while honoring and protecting our planet and our families,” Finegan said. “Every aspect of the construction, sourcing, design and shipping is researched and taken into consideration when we introduce a new product.“

According to Finegan, the following are some ways to keep your home and furnishings allergen free:

  • Regularly run your bedding through the dryer
  • Keep your home, especially your bedroom, dry and clean, vacuum regularly and remember to clean underneath furnishings
  • Avoid carpets – use hardwood and tile floors instead and utilize throw rugs that can be lifted and shaken outdoors
  • Turn down your bedding to air out rather than making your bed 
  • Place your bedding in the sun on a regular basis
  • Keep the bathrooms ventilated and keep a fan running in the summer to disperse humidity
  • Air out your home regularly

Just because it is allergy season does not mean you have to suffer any more. You can reduce the exposure of allergens in your home by visiting Pine Street Natural Interiors and speaking with Rowena Finegan.

Breathe easy, and live healthy. It's good for you.

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