Headlands Brewing Company

Marin Magazine, Headlands Brewing Company

Marin Magazine, Headlands Brewing Company

BY THE TIME Phil Cutti (right) and Patrick Horn met at a home brew event, they were both well on their way to becoming true craft beer aficionados. Cutti was helping to host the event (a fundraiser for his swimming group) and pouring his own small-batch label, Muddy Puddle, while Horn was building his brand, Pacific Brewing Laboratory. The two kept in touch over the next year, sharing recipes and talking hops, and in early 2013 Cutti and Horn dreamed up the Marin inspired Headlands Brewing Company — over beers, naturally. Headlands crafts three brews — Groupe G Belgian RyePA, Hill 88 Double IPA and Pt. Bonita Rustic Lager — which are sold locally in easy-to-carry cans perfect for a day of the laid-back brand of exploring Marin was made for. As for a favorite, the boys can’t pick just one. “They all have their time and place,” says Horn.


“Headlands Brewing is about celebrating the moment in the moment,” says Cutti of the brand’s mission. “Our beers are based in tradition and pushed forward with fresh, quality ingredients. They are approachable and our 16-ounce cans make them accessible on the trails, on the bay and at the beach.”


Headlands launched in 2013 with the three beers and has remained true to those core brews. “Groupe G is our most unique beer,” says Cutti. “It is an IPA that highlights the characteristics of the Mosaic hop: floral, earthy, citrusy and a touch bitter.”


Headlands Brew is quintessentially Marin, available at a variety of local restaurants and bars, as well as markets throughout the county. And as the company takes its name from one of the epic Marin landscapes, it’s not surprising that the founders have long been environmental advocates, frequently taking part in nonprofit work and restoration.


“We live and work in one of the most beautiful spots in the world, so take the time to look around, breathe it all in and appreciate it — with a Headlands beer, of course.”