YOU’VE SPOTTED THEM in yoga classes, on hiking trails and at the gym: those colorful, silicone-sleeved glass water bottles decorated with strategically placed cutouts. Lifefactory’s products are purposely stylish exercise items — akin to neon tennis shoes and the Fitbit — that inspire you to get off the couch just so you can justify purchasing one. Founded in 2007 by Sausalito houseboat resident and integrative designer Darren Joy, Lifefactory initially centered on baby products. Pediatric feeding specialist Pam Marcus partnered with Joy to develop a glass reusable baby bottle, produced in France; the creators ensured both bottle and silicone sleeve were able to retain integrity as they moved from freezer to dishwasher. After this discovery, a healthy hydration option for Mom wasn’t far behind. PHILOSOPHY Lifefactory aims to create everyday products that are healthy, safe and fashionable. The brand also values individualization — supplying more than a dozen colors, four bottle sizes and a variety of caps geared to a user’s specific style of sipping — and functionality, with bottle mouths wide enough for easy cleaning. THE SCOOP Aside from the popular, grip-able water bottles, the brand now offers mugs, wine and beverage glasses and food storage containers, while baby bottles and silicone teething rings remain a mainstay. Prices range from $14.99 to $100, with products available locally at Nugget Markets, Mollie Stone’s and Good Earth and nationwide at Whole Foods. WHAT THEY SAY “The products we choose to bring into our homes matter — choose wisely and don’t compromise,” says Joy.