A Gift For Matching Real Estate Buyers with Homes

A Gift For Matching Real Estate Buyers with Homes, Marin Magazine


Lisa Smith grew up on a commune in Santa Cruz where she really got an opportunity to appreciate all different types of people. She loves the uniqueness of various personalities, and this interest helps her listen to nuances that are key in matching people in transactions. Today, she lives in Mill Valley with her husband who is a holistic dentist. They have one son, two dogs and five chickens!

They are a very active family and love hiking or mountain biking at Mount Tam or playing in the waves of Stinson Beach. As a family, they love to go to Giants games (so feel free to chat to her about their season!). As an agent, she is a perfect fit for clients who want constant access to their agent, someone who needs and wants someone who will be honest with them all the time and someone who can find some humor during both the exciting and stressful process of buying or selling.


575 Redwood Highway, Mill Valley, CA
415.328.9752 l [email protected]