Get the Cover Look

When it comes to our fashion shoots, the hair and makeup can be just as important as the clothing in creating the final "look." For the September fashion shoot, we wanted to pay homage to the 70’s with big hair and shimmery eyes. Artist Elizabeth Chang used ANASTASIA Beverly Hills makeup and Bumble and bumble hair products to create the look and shares how she did it all below.

For makeup, a main point focus was a soft brown double-winged eyeliner. Based on the clothing, we wanted a metallic and shimmery pop for the eye shadow, so I used Soft Gold, Metallic and Gold Bar from ANASTASIA Beverly Hills. For the double eyeliner, I used DIPBROW Pomade and mixed medium brown and auburn to create a warm brown and applied it with a thin eyeliner brush. Of course, since our theme is 70’s inspired, I added individual lashes to give the look a touch of glam.

Fuller eyebrows never go out of style, so I started with Brow Wiz in caramel to fill in any areas of the brow in thin careful strokes, and combed it out with the spoolie that comes on the other end to comb the product in place (this gives the brows definition). Then I used the Brow Powder Duo in blonde and caramel to fill in the silhouette, and the Tinted Brow Gel in blonde to set it in place. It also gives the brow hairs more fullness and a bit of a highlight.

Keeping the skin fairly matte, I went in with the contour kit to sculpt the cheekbones and the outer perimeters of the face. Once we got on set I realized the lighting that was being used would wash out our model, so I went in with a deeper contour. A key tip is to always consider the lighting that you will be in when deciding how much contouring is necessary.

Last but not least, I also wanted to keep the lips matte and the Liquid Lipstick was just the right finish, without drying out the model’s lips. I mixed Pure Hollywood with Baby Pink and added a dash of Sweet Talker. I was going for a nude or neutral lip because we have the eyes and contouring as a focus, but mixing in a little pink into the nude will prevent the lips from being too washed out (because of the strong lighting).

For hair, I used my favorite (and tried and true!) Bumble and bumble’s Thickening Full Form Mousse from root to end, and the Thickening Hair Spray at the roots or where it was needed for more volume. Then I used a blow-dryer on high heat to set the product in. We wanted those glamorous big waves, so I made sure to prep the hair for volume. I curled the hair with a 1” barrel and made sure to leave out the ends. After curling the whole head and adding the clip-on extensions for extra volume, I made sure to use Dryspun Finish for added texture and volume. It helped with the teasing I had to do next – which is using a fine tooth comb (like a rat tail comb) and comb against the hair to create more body. Finally I had the model flip her hair forward and used Spray De Mode all over, and when she flipped back up, it gave us that full, va va voom effect.