Mark Yaconelli and Anne Lamott - How Stories Can Save Us

New York Times bestselling author Anne Lamott will interview Mark Yaconelli, author of Between the Listening and the Telling: How Stories Can Save Us, about the way storytelling can heal our families, our communities, and ourselves. This conversation is for anyone who wants to learn how our personal stories can become a medicine and source […]

Staci Greason with Jasmin Darznik - All the Girls in Town

In a city where discarded muses are a dime a dozen, author and award-winning actor Staci Greason’s All the Girls in Town explores the cost of loving the wrong person and the true power of friendship in reclaiming the self. Dani, Red, and Sasha have absolutely nothing in common, except the trail of tears bad […]

Mindy Carlson - Her Dying Day

Perfect for fans of Shari Lapena and Hannah Mary McKinnon, debut author Mindy Carlson’s Her Dying Day tells of a mystery writer’s sudden disappearance leads a budding filmmaker down a dark road to treachery, murder, and long-buried sins.

Jess Walter with Tom Barbash - The Angel of Rome

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Beautiful Ruins and The Cold Millions comes a stunning collection about those moments when everything changes — for the better, for the worse, for the outrageous — as a diverse cast of characters bounces from Italy to Idaho, questioning their roles in life and finding inspiration […]

Erin Gordon with Michael Krasny - Peeps

A coming-of-middle-age novel, Erin Gordon’s Peeps tells the story of Meg, a 51-year-old podcaster who has spent her life afraid of “what ifs.” After her mother’s death, Meg gathers the courage to seek answers from her uncle, driving across the country and conducting interviews for her podcast called Peeps along the way, in which she […]