22 Miller Ave, Mill Valley,

Top Seller Petrusinu Cocktail with gin, St. Germain, house-made parsley syrup and lime, $10

Why “The simple, green aromatic herb parsley inspired this cocktail. It is present in many dishes to enhance the taste of food and now in this cocktail. In Italian we have a saying essere come il prezzemolo in ogni minestra, which means ‘a finger in every pie.’ We use this expression to describe a busybody and in this cocktail, parsley is the busybody. The uniqueness of the cocktail comes from our secret-recipe housemade parsley syrup that we infuse in the cocktail.” General Manager Natale Cardamone

Sold 65–70 per week

1544 Redwood Hwy, Corte Madera,

Top Seller Cucumber Lemon Drop, $9

Why “Our managing partner Shah Bahreyni and I created this cocktail. The ingredients include fresh cucumber and lemon and organic cucumber vodka made by Square One. Regardless of the time of the year or the weather, this still remains one of our most popular drinks. It’s light and refreshing and is a great starter cocktail.” Director of Beverage John Oyarzun

Sold 80 per week

2233 Larkspur Landing Circle, Larkspur,

Top Seller After Ferry with strawberry- infused Hangar One vodka, lime, mint and Chandon brut sparkling, $14

Why “Our guests getting off the ferry after a long day of work in San Francisco seem to appreciate the After Ferry because it has a nice balance between being sweet and having a tart crispness, finished with a refreshing effervescence. We infuse the vodka with strawberries in house, then we craft with other fresh ingredients to order.” Bartender Crystal Davis

Sold About 100 a week

38 Miller Ave, Mill Valley,

Top Seller Velvet Gentleman with brandy, Lillet rouge and mescal served with an orange twist, $11

Why “This is one of our most popular winter cocktails. I think it’s because people enjoy mescal’s smokiness as the perfect change-up for those who typically drink brown liquors. And we’ve noticed mescal is something that is really catching on, since many of our customers request cocktails made with it.” Manager Kara Mibach

Sold Several a week

919 4th St, San Rafael,

Top Seller Fenix Rising with Hangar One Mandarin Blossom vodka, Campari, orange juice, lemon juice, hibiscus syrup and simple syrup, served in a martini glass, $11

Why “Fenix Rising is a layered drink, with an orange hue and a red drop of hibiscus reduction that infuses into the Campari liqueur, turning it a pinkish-red color as you sip away. Like the Fenix, it is an experience in flavor and beauty.” Owner Laura van Galen

Sold More than 200


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Honorable Mentions

Silver Peso, Larkspur; Picco, Larkspur; Vin Antico, San Rafael; Copita, Sausalito; Bungalow 44, Mill Valley