Marin's Jared Goff is Now the Rams' Star Quarterback


Marin County's Jared Goff has become a pivotal part of the Los Angeles Rams, helping to send them to the Super Bowl in 2019. Goff, now 24, is the fourth-youngest quarterback to win in the conference championship round, the only quarterback taken first overall to start a Super Bowl by his third season, and is one game away from being the first quarterback from Marin County to win a Super Bowl.

Goff already has taken the team far helping with a big win over the Dallas Cowboys in the Divisional Playoffs. In Sunday's game against the New Orleans Saints, he orchestrated a seven-play, 81-yard touchdown drive at the end of the first half. In the second half, his 1-yard touchdown pass to tight end Tyler Higbee, 19-yard pass to Josh Reynolds and 16-yard pass to Robert Woods moved the Rams into field goal territory, where Greg Zuerlein kicked a field goal to force overtime and bring the Rams to victory. He's obviously got a bright future ahead of him.

Yet is wasn't so long ago that Goff was a fresh-faced Marin Catholic grad leaving Novato to go play for Cal at UC Berkeley as a freshman. Here's a look back at our 2013 Q&A with Marin's superstar player: 



1 How do you like playing at Memorial Stadium (in Berkeley)?

It’s really cool to look up and see 63,000 people. It’s a lot noisier [than high school games] and I like the student section. It’s awesome.


2 Who was your most influential coach?

My first coach was Tony Anello. He’s one of my best friend’s dads — all through Pop Warner he taught me all about the basics. Also my coach at Marin Catholic, Mazi Moayed. Both of them have made me the player I am today.


3 At what age did people start paying attention to you on the field?

I’ve always been athletic and played sports like soccer and baseball, but I noticed people paying attention to me around junior high.


4 Any pre-game superstitions?

I don’t like to eat very much, but that might be more comfort than superstition. I have always worn an exact type of undershirt, socks and tights since high school; that qualifies.


5 With you being 30 minutes from home, how often does your mom do your laundry?

I don’t like to admit it, but I haven’t done laundry on my own since I got here in January.


6 What do you miss about Marin daily life?

I miss seeing the people I know, my family, and friends.


7 Top three restaurants you would bring from Marin to Berkeley?

I’m a Novato guy, so Finnegan’s and WildFox, and M&G Burgers in Larkspur.


8 Wish you could sometimes just tailgate?

Yes, sometimes I do think about how it would be to just relax and enjoy the game and not have to be super focused. I love playing, obviously, that’s why I do it, but sometimes I’ll think about what my parents and friends are doing and how they must be having a blast.


9 What would you bring to the tailgate?

A hot dog or hamburger, something regular.


10 What does it take to be a good QB?

Besides just talent for the game, having a confidence — not a cockiness, but the confidence that you can get the job done. Having a cool, calm demeanor. You have to be the guy the team can look to and be responsive to.


11 Why do you excel at being a QB?

Aside from throwing the football, my mental strength and my confidence in myself are my best attributes.


12 Niners or Raiders?



13 Joe Namath or Joe Montana?

Joe Montana; I didn’t get to see him play but that’s why I wear number 16.