Three Sisters

Fueled entirely by volunteers and funded by donations and proceeds from special events, the nonprofit Sausalito Sister City programs are active and energized, promoting a vision of global unity. As the international sister city program celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, the timing of winning an International Best Overall Sister City Award for cities with a population of less than 25,000 couldn’t be better.


Not resting on its laurels, Sausalito established this sister city partnership in 2013. For the second year, student sailors from the Sausalito Yacht Club and Clube Naval de Cascais will be racing together in an international youth sailing exchange program that alternates between both cities.


The Sausalito Sakaide, Japan (SAK), sister city program sponsors a robust student exchange program that has been thriving for 28 years. The program has expanded to include a teacher exchange as well as an artist exchange — and this year an artist from Sakaide will participate in the Sausalito Art Festival.


This program began in 1960, with Viña del Mar Park in the center of Sausalito named in recognition of the program that same year. The program is currently focused on mentoring entrepreneurial businesswomen and exchanging marketing, communication and leadership expertise.