The Wellness Perks of Travel


The kind of car you drive and jewelry you wear are classic status symbols, but how busy you are seems the biggest perceived indicator of importance these days. Hustling hard on the grind, Americans are working more than the English, Germans and recently even the Japanese. Not only that, we work longer days, retire later and take less time off — not exactly the American dream. So if you happen to have some saved-up vacation days, consider using them. Numerous studies show workers feel less anxious after only three days off, and the health benefit of that can last weeks. Even just planning a trip can directly boost happiness, a Cornell University study found. Here are other potential travel benefits, courtesy of


PROMOTE CREATIVITY A good trip is a ticket to self-discovery, helping us reconnect with ourselves and get back to feeling our best.


PREVENT BURNOUT Workers who regularly get away and relax are less prone to burnout and more productive than their overworked peers.


STAY HEALTHIER Recharging your inner batteries reduces stress and the havoc it can wreak on body and mind.


GET WELL-BEING In one study, three days after vacation, people had fewer physical complaints and better sleep quality and mood. Five weeks later, that was still the case, especially if the trip was a good one and included quality personal time.


STRENGTHEN BONDS Enjoying life with loved ones can bolster relationships so that going forward, you’re better equipped to savor the good times and weather the bad. A study by the Arizona Department of Health and Human Services found that women who took vacations were more satisfied with their marriages.


IMPROVE JOB PERFORMANCE The psychological boost from frequent getaways promotes quality of life, which can lead to better-quality work on the job, another Arizona health department study found.